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Skin management sales speech


As a skin manager, in addition to excellent professional skills, you must learn a set of eloquence with customers, as the name suggests is sales speech, know how to understand customer needs, and serve them in time, so that you can promote products. The skin management sales talks provided below, the skin managers are worth seeing~


1. I have only spent a few months in other beauty salons, but it is cheaper. There are hundreds of them here.


Sales speech


Sisters do nothing more than beauty. The things used on the face must be safe and guaranteed. Low prices mean inferior quality. The beauty salon environment is much worse. The products are common and can easily cause cross infection. And our beauty salon is reputable, our consumption is particularly transparent, the product has a special person for you, will not reduce material and waste, clean and special, dedicated, I will design the card type according to your actual situation, we Now push the special year card, I will help you forget it, especially cost-effective, I will help you introduce it, you can find out if you decide whether to do the card.


2. My skin is hereditary.


Sales speech


Yes, the innate condition is important, but the day after tomorrow does not pay attention to maintenance, the adjustment is not worse, is it genetic to leave it on the face without treatment, it will become more and more serious, I dare not say cure, but at least Say it fades, can't see it, don't you want to keep the spot on your face?


3. I am doing it in another beauty salon now, and then come back to your home after doing it.


Sales speech


Sister, you have skin management needs, is a person who pays attention to the quality of life, we welcome you, you come to our skin management center today, feel the service of our brand and skin management effect, you compare the skin management you have been before Center, then make a decision. Choose a professional skin management center, you have chosen the guarantee, choose the rest assured, we will be able to make you satisfied, add to your "face", not to mention the skin is different, can not be, you must find a reliable skin management Center, sister, you understand today, early decision to early income, we have a discount today, I will help you with a card, your original card can be used for friends.


4, there are other products at home, let's talk about it.


Sales speech


Sister, who doesn't have a few sets of products now, just like the woman doesn't have a few sets of clothes, and then when the products at home can be used, our products and your products will not be too much conflict, beauty salons do care, and then Cooperate with the development of household products, synergistic effect, reach 1 plus 1 big and 2, sister I have a suggestion, do not know if your home products are not placed in the refrigerator, if there is no active ingredients will be lost, may also be infected Bacteria, if that's the case, don't wipe bad things on your face.


5, really expensive, not so much money.


Sales speech


Sister, on average, you don't have to spend much money on your face. The face is a woman's life to be maintained. Just like a man who loves to maintain the same nature of the car, he is so willing to be caring for himself. He must not be ill-treated, and the skin is better to be more confident. You are not Confidence, if you use the original method, do not change yourself, the result will still get the current result, you say yes? Do you want a day or two years like this? If you want to change, then let's start with our face now.


6. I use cosmetics imported from abroad.


Sales speech


Some foreign products are good, but it is not suitable for you, not to mention the difference between the skin of the Orientals and the Westerners, and the difference in climate. Some foreign brands can't match the nature of our skin. Our products are aimed at the Orientals. The skin texture and characteristics are developed. The skin quality of the East and West is different, so the product has different degrees of raw material development. You should choose the product that suits you.


7, there is no effect.


Sales speech

姐我保证一定有效,还有你要配合,按我们教你的方法肯定有效,没有效我们就不会介绍给你,再说我们还希望你用以后给我们介绍更多的朋友呢,一分耕耘一分收获,何况生意不是一次两次,要做信用,我如果真的推销,大可以介绍贵的 产品给你,现介绍的产品完全能解决好你的问题,而且价格也不贵,我们有信息难道你没有信心吗。

Sister, I promise to be effective, and you have to cooperate. According to the method we teach you, it will be effective. If it is not effective, we will not introduce it to you. Besides, we also hope that you will introduce more friends to us in the future. One point of harvest, not to mention the business is not once or twice, to do credit, if I really sell, I can introduce your product to you, the products introduced can solve your problem, and the price is not expensive, we have Do you have no confidence in the information?


8, I don't need skin now.


Sales speech


Just because your skin is good, you need maintenance. It will be difficult to wait until your skin has problems. Yes, your skin is really good, but as the seasonal climate changes, your skin will change, so you have temperament. The lady pays more attention to maintenance. Your skin is really delicate, smooth but has fine lines. The 30-year-old skin is given by parents. The skin after 30 years old is your own, so you must take care of yourself when you are young. .


9. I am doing it myself at home now.


Sales speech


This shows that you have the needs and awareness of beauty, but at home you can't achieve the professional beauty salon effect. We have professional qualified beauticians and beauty experts here, with professional techniques and instruments, according to standard treatment plan. To do it for you, the effect is that you can't do it at home. When we do the card, we are teaching you a set of techniques at home. Isn't it better to combine them?


10. I didn’t bring any money today, let’s talk about it later.


Sales speech


It doesn't matter if you don't bring money. I just tell you that today is our special day, a national unified promotion, and also a beauty card. Introducing the product is just one of our work. I just give you some advice. Anyway, after this village, there is no such store. Can you pay the deposit? Do you have a card? There is a bank nearby, we can also go to your home. Only when you get a discount today, can you save money, can you save XX money (help accounting), can you have so much interest in the bank? Anyway, you will definitely do beauty, you should act, I know, this money is small for people like you.


11, I have no money.


Sales speech


I can understand your feelings, especially with regard to the money. I found that our basic maintenance care costs less than one pack per day (10 yuan / day, 3650 yuan per year), women can not live for money, to Live for beauty. Money is to create wealth, but to create value, otherwise, money is in the bank, people are in heaven.


12. I am using "world famous brands" and I don't believe you.


Sales speech


Great, you are using a big international brand, I have heard of this product, it is really good, this is the reason I especially want to find you, because if a product will be saturated after using it for a long time, Like we often eat, sometimes we have to change the taste and adjust the diet structure, which may be more scientific and comprehensive. The eating habits on the mountain can be changed to the sea. Our brand is the most advanced technology of the South Korean skin care products. You can give yourself a chance to try, because there is one sentence: it is the best for you.


13, I have used a lot of no effect?


Sales speech


Sister, your product is only used a few times at random, and the care does not insist on doing it. This is unscientific and unreasonable. There is also a process of taking medicine to treat diseases, and it is possible to remove the medicine until it is sick. Then the palliative is not a cure. This is a universal law and scientific common sense, and it is not transferred by human will. Sister, you can only make an effect if you insist on it. If you can't do it, if you don't have the effect, we can't give you after-sales service. What do you say?


14. I won't listen to you selling products?


Sales speech


Sister, I am not doing sales, I am teaching you the knowledge of skin care and beauty, the correct way of care. I hope to guide you through a good lifestyle. In this sense, sister, I hope you treat me as your private beauty consultant, not a general salesperson. My mobile phone is open 24 hours a day, the number is too much, I hope to help you in your beauty.


15. How about the product, I have never heard of it?


Sales speech


Sister, you are a very rigorous and rational person. I don’t think anything is useful. You only know it after you experience it yourself. The facts speak louder than words. Whoever says it doesn’t count, the skin says it before you say it. You see this fashion magazine, my xxxx brand has a history of more than 40 years in the world, and the development momentum is rapid, and it is sold to more than 80 international countries and hundreds of millions of consumers. Bacon once said that existence is reasonable. Self-confident, confident woman is the most beautiful, I am super confident in our xxxx products, I believe I can help you. 


16. I don't have time, I am busy?


Sales speech


Great! I like to work with people who are busy. They are often very capable. Of course, they know how to use our time effectively. Sister, if you don't pay attention to the maintenance of your skin, you will be able to spend more time in this area.


In addition, irregular life, excessive spelling will lead to skin black and yellow, aging, pigmentation, if not timely use of effective products, leading to serious consequences of skin problems. Strong women must have a good body and a good face. If you agree, I will help you arrange the time. By making an appointment, you will spend the least amount of time to care for your skin, ok? 


17. Open a card, but I can't take time to care every day?


Sales speech


We are not letting you come every day, you can take four times a month, and the time is free to arrange. After you have done the card, you have your own beautician. Her only job is to remind you to do beauty on time, to regularly give care to your skin and to explain the skin care. When you don’t come, she will call You come here (the tone should be firm, you can't use neutral language), and the time is that the water in the sponge will be squeezed. If you are busy, you can squeeze out a little time. Beauty takes time to care. 


18, beauty is a lie, is that people make money?


Sales speech


I don't know if you have done beauty or know your understanding of beauty. Beauty is a kind of landscaping, beauty is a taste of life. Sister, you said why you want to make up, makeup is a kind of social etiquette, a respect for colleagues and friends.


Similarly, you may be guided by the newspaper media, but you should know that these news are very like to exaggerate the truth, and sometimes even fabricated from nothing, out of nothing. For example, the Beijing paper bun incident, to watch the news, to have their own views, not to be around, the simplest thing, Hong Kong star which is not beauty, many books, the beauty of the king's book is the best in the country. Sister, just like being hungry to eat, the car needs maintenance, the skin needs nutrition and eating. If it is really a lie, it is not China’s biggest lie, and tens of millions of women are doing beauty. 


19. If I have something to do today, do you have a free one?


Sales speech


Sister, I can't see the effect once. Now it's just the most common and basic care. Free care is just nourishing. The base of your skin is very good, but you still have some acne on your face. To remove facial defects, you must do more treatments. Women need to love themselves and overweight themselves, and they can't give themselves free.

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