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[sales skills] sales speech: quote!


First, principle



The customer asked the price on the phone. This is the problem that most of us will encounter in sales. Is it still not reported? Reporting low or high, the corresponding results, I don't think I need to say more, sales friends know. Then, how do you say that will turn passive response into active guidance?


I have been saying that we must always master the sales initiative, because the price issue is too sensitive, or that sentence: the relationship is not, the price is not reported! If you really want to quote, then you have to talk with the order quantity, payment cycle, after-sales and so on.


We talked before and found a formula for a precise customer:


Meet the main needs of customers = brand + quality + future expectations (customer interests) + price + payment method + after-sales service + supply cycle + supply stability + other factors.


Principle: It is not the customer who asks for our quotation. In the end, it will definitely become our customer. Both sides have a process of choice. Therefore, I believe that sales must have a certain attitude, not only loyalty, but also have certain principles and dare to say 'No', dare to talk to customers about conditions, dare to ask questions to customers, don't be afraid of customers running, if customers really want to run, even if you are free, customers will still leave.


According to the above formula, how much do you know about the customers who are going to quote? If you don't know anything, you can quote directly, then, after the quotation, there is no reply. After the quotation, the customer ignores you, it is reasonable...


Therefore, before the quotation, we should bravely ask the customer questions:


** Total, what is the general payment method for your company?


** Total, what do you expect from the first order? How is the order planned?


**Today, when do you expect to have the goods?


These questions, we have to ask the customer, know that the more customer information, the more confident we have in the sales situation, don't think about the quotation, we will be able to make a deal, then, since the quotation, it will not necessarily be sold, so we have not It is necessary to greet customers with the premise of harming themselves and the company's interests.


Second, sales speech


Actual status



Several keywords for sales: order quantity, delivery date, and after-sales.


Usually there is such a situation: if the customer wants to be in a hurry, the factory workers need to work overtime, and there will be overtime work. The factory needs to pay more. If the delivery period is not very urgent, there may be no such work hours.


Order quantity: The order is much lower, and the procurement cost has room for optimization. If the order quantity is small, on the one hand, the frequency of factory production conversion is high, which wastes time. On the other hand, there is no compression space for procurement cost.


After-sales problem: Some products, after-sales problems are more than just the factory reasons, as well as the customer's own reasons, then return to the factory, they also need to arrange for the workers to repair, after the completion, also sent, there is freight generated here (don't look This freight, accumulated, is also a big expense.)


Therefore, in general, the price must be bundled with the order quantity, delivery date, or the principle of after-sales processing. If you don't figure out these key points, then I am sorry, kicking the ball for you, still have to find a way to kick back to the customer!


So, our words can be said like this:


"** Total, hehehe, wow! If I quote a quote, if you say it is expensive, don't give me the opportunity to explain it. In fact, our price is very competitive among our peers. Company A, Company B, Company C, their evaluation of our service is: This company is very human, the quality of this company is very good... Oh! Yes, Mr. Wang, your purchase amount is how much?"


It is necessary to say that you are very wronged, to shape your image to a high level, but also to make customers feel: ah, this is also the reason... Then, you must prepare in advance.


Words are a process of constant tempering, and not a constant change, but the idea is there, and the rest is handed over to execution! Going forward to this line of thinking, once will not work, then change, twice will not work, then change, not three times, continue to change, to achieve a certain depth of things, do you think you will be worse?

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