高考总复习--- 动词短语练习题




















1 add

1. add to        add up to 

(1) This of course _______ our difficulties. (2) The figures _______ 360.  

(3) The music _____ our enjoyment of the film.

1. added to   2.add up to   3.added to  

2. break away from, break in   break into  break down  break out    break up   break off 

(5) The thief _____ the police and ran into the woods. (6) Don’t _____ while others are speaking.

(7) Then the car I was in _____, so I had to walk home. (8) A house was ________ between midnight and 4 a.m.

(9) Excuse me for _______ like this , said the headmaster. (10)  We thought it was time to _____ the talk. (11) A big fire _____ in the town last night.

(12) After ten years of hard work, his health is______. (13) The meeting _____ without result. (14) When does school_______?

5.broke away from         6.break in  

7.broke down  8.broken into 

 9.breaking in    10.break off  11.broke out   

 12..breaking down  13.broke up   14.break up  


1. The computer system _____suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. (2006年辽宁卷) A. broke down    B. broke out 

C. broke up       D. broke in


2. To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it _____ into parts. (2005年湖北卷) 

A. down    B. up    C. off     D. out

A break down 分解

3. I was still sleeping when the fire _____ , and then it spread quickly. (2006年广东卷) A. broke out 

B. put out 

C. came out 

D. got out 


You must do something to prevent your house _______.

 A. to be broken in  

 B. from being broken in

 C. to break in   

 D. from breaking in

He was once warned that he would _________unless he stopped working that hard . A. break down B. break in C. break out D. break into

Break down和break up 的辨析在前几年考察的频率特别的高,最近几年不同的省份也多少有所考察。车坏了、桥塌了、和谈失败了、人的精神和健康一下子垮了要用Break down。学校放假、婚姻解体、人群散开要用break up 当然,还有其它的短语,比如:break in \break into \break off\break out等等。各种动词短语和短语动词的考察一直一来都是高考考察的重点 

3 bring

Difficulties and hardships have____ the best character of the young man. A. brought in

B. brought up 

C. brought out 

D. brought about

4 call 词组:

We called in _____ Mike's house yesterday.

2. All ships sailing on the oceans call ___ help by radio in English.

3. Let's call _____ a doctor for the little girl.




高考题The Somali robbers’ frequent attacks 

on the sea urged the UN to ____ all nations 

to take action.

A fight for     B apply for

C call on       D wait on

5. Many of these songs called _____ the workers to take up the struggle.

6. I shall call in ___ him tomorrow.

7. Call me ___ tomorrow; my number is 536291.




8 Farmers now ___ more government help

 not only of money but also of science on farming.

A call on     B call for    C stick to    D live on

5 carry

1 They decided to carry ____ in spite of the weather.

2Tests have been carried ____ on the patients.

3 It’s a difficult job,but she’s the person to carry it ______.

4高考题  The meals over,the manager went back to the meeting room to ___ their discussion.

A put away    B take down   C look over  D carry on




6 come 词组 

1. I came _____ him first in Beijing.

2. Come _____, try it again.

3. It is impossible for a dead animal to come _____.

4. How long is it since the electronic computer came _____ use?





5. The trees turn green and flowers come _____.

6. This magazine comes _____ once a month.



7 Many students want to know how the 

differences between American English 

and British English ___.

A came up      B came about

C came in       D came out


---How was it __ that she killed herself?

   ----Perhaps through one of her friends.

   A let out         B come about 

  C made out     D tried out


7 care    翻译下列句子 translate the following sentences

1 He failed the exam but he didn’t seem to care.


2 Would you care for a drink?


3 ---Who do you think will be the next Prime Minister?

------Who cares.


4He cares for her deeply.


5 Who will care for him if his wife dies?


6 Children need a caring environment.



Seen from the moon, our earth, with water ____ 70% of its surface, appears as a “blue ball”. A. covers        B. covered                           C. to cover     D. covering


I believe that those mountains____with trees in a few years time. A.are covered          B.will be covered C.are covering        D.will cover


With the price rising, $100 a month could hardly _____ the cost of his life in such a big city.

A.cover        B.afford 

C.include        D.contain


----- May I have a talk with one of your sports reporters? ----- Sorry, but all of them are out to _____ the main events of the day.     A. get       B. find  

       C. cover   D. search


The Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay will travel the largest distance, ______ the greatest area and involve the largest number of people.

   A. cross           B. make    

  C. contain         D. cover



He nearly had his finger ___ when he was trained as a cook in a small restaurant.

     A. cut in B. cut off

C. cut up D. cut down


He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was _____ from the outside world. A. cut out     B. cut off    

 C. cut up      D. cut through


Cut off: 1 切断电话线使某人通话中止

2停止向—供应  If you don’t pay the bill soon you’ll be cut off.

3阻碍或阻断cut off our view of the sea

4砍下,切下,割下,剪下 Mind you don’t cut your fingers off.


The village was cut off by heavy snow for a month.

10 do 词组

1.Truth to tell, I don't know how to do _____ him.

2. I'll have nothing to do _____ him from now on.

3. What did you do ____that camera you found?

4. The poisonous waste may do great _____ to the things around us.

1. do with sb.与某人相处

2. have something/nothing to do with sb./sth.与某人(某事)有(没有)关系

3. do with sth.  处理,处置

4. do harm to   对...有害 do good to 对...有益

5. I think I can do _____ in English this year than last year.

6. Liszt said, "You've done _____, but I can see you truly sorry about it."

7. I'm going to do my _____ this year.

8. I was only trying to do a good _____.

5. do well in   在...方面做得不错

6. do wrong    做坏事,做错事

7. do one's best     尽力

8. do a good deed     做一件好事

During the war there was a lack of food.Even the wealthy families had to __ bread for days.

A eat up

B give away

C do without 

D deal with


09 四川 5. —Have you___ ? —No. I had the wrong number. 

A. got in     B. got away  

  C. got off    D. got through

09全国 II  27. I tried phoning her office, but I couldn't_____

A. get along     B. get on     

C. get to        D. get through



11 get

 get down   

 get down to

 get off  

 get on  

 get in  

 get away  

 get over              

 get along with 

 get through

 get up

get round 

 get close to sth.      

 get back  














1 I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ____ fine.

A get off   B stay up   C carry on  D get along

2 It’s going to rain. Xiao Feng , will you please help me ___ the clothes on the line?

A get off   B get back  C get in  D get on



3---Shall I come to pick you up right now?

--Sorry, I ‘m too busy to __ for the moment.

A get through   B get away   C get off  D get together

4 The student never completed his work in time; I don’t know how he ___ with it

A took away   B got away  C put away  D ran away




1. give an account of 叙述,描述

He gave a vivid account of his life and fortune.

2. give away 

a. 泄露

Please don’t give my secret______.

b. 赠送,送给

He gave________ money to the poor.

c. 背叛

The soldier gave away his comrades when the enemy tortured him.

3. give in 屈服,让步, 投降

The boys fought until one gave in.

4. give in to 接受,听从,迁就

5. give off 发出,放出(液体、气体、气味等)

The eggs are giving off a bad smell.

6 give out

a. 分发

The teacher gave ____the examination papers.

Give the money ____ to the children.

b. 发出,发表

John gave the news out in a grave voice.

c. 用完,耗尽

My strength has given_____.

7  give one’s regard to sb. 问候某人,向某人致意

Give my best regards to all your family.

8  give over (常用于祈使句)停止、不再做(某事)

Do give over! I’m sick of your complaints!

9 . give up 停止,放弃,屈服

Do give up smoking.

Why should we give up all our old friends?

10. give way to 屈服,顺从,让。。。优先

As winter gives way to spring, the days begin to lengthen.

1. In those days, he used to give _____ a part of his income to help his friend.

2. Both sides argued with reason, and neither would give _____.

3. If they are burned, they give _____ poisonous gases.

4. When they made ready to climb the next ridge(山脊), they found that their  oxygen had given ______.

5. Both the man and horse gave _____ after the long ride.

6. All hope of finding the missing aircraft was given _____ and the search stopped.

7. Mary had to give _____ her job after her marriage.

8. 举行音乐会

9. 演讲,做报告

10.  给...上课

11. 给某人关于... 的忠告








 give a concert

 give a lecture

 give lessons to 

 give sb some advice on---

Mr. Green has never smoked any more since his wife _______ him _______.

A. suggested; to give it up                  

B. persuaded; to give up it

C. advised; to give it up                    

 D. persuaded; to give it up 


If a person has not had enough sleep, his actions will give him __ _ during the day A away     B up    C in    D back 

—Mary told me she would ______computer study. —Really? I'll try my best to ask her to ____such foolish ideas. A. pick up; give up              B. put away; give up C. give up; put away           D. give up; pick up



13  keep   词组

1. I would have been here sooner, but the rainstorm kept me _____.

2. While Leonov was outside the ship, he kept _____  _____ by telephone _____ his

 companion and with the earth.

4. He kept _____ telling us the same story over and over.

5. You may depend _____  his doing what he says, for he is a person who always keeps _____     _____.

6. Danger!  Keep ______!


 in touch




 his promise/words


7. Will this overcoat keep the rain _____?

8. It is also bad manners to keep _____ when the teacher asks you a question.

9. The rain kept _____ all night.

10. I see you are getting along well with your English studies.  Keep _____ the good work.

7. keep ... out     挡住,留在外面

8. keep silent   保持沉默

9. keep up   继续

10. keep up      保持,坚持

11. The good news keeps our  spirits _____.

12. He walked so fast that I could hardly keep _____  _____  him.

13. Every few hundred meters along the wall there are watch-towers, where soldiers used to keep _____.

11. keep up      保持,不使低落

12. keep up with     跟上

13. keep watch     守望,值班,放哨 

14 look

1. The boy is old enough to look _____ himself.

2. He spent two weeks in Shanghai, looking _____ the city.

3. We are looking _____  _____ hearing from you soon.

4. Join us.  Don't just look _____.

5. They all looked _____ him _____ a member of their family.

1. look after      照顾,照料

2. look around/about     四处看看,四下环顾

3. look forward to     盼望,期待

4. look on   旁观,观望

5. look on ... as ...     把...看作...

6. Look _____!  There is danger ahead.

7. I shall look _____ that I don't trust him again.

8. He looked _____ his notes before writing the report.

9. Look _____ these photographs and try to pick out the man you see.

10. I must look _____ the time of your train.

6. look out   当心,小心,留神

7. look out     警惕

8. look through   浏览,翻阅,温习

9. look through   仔细查看

10. look up     查寻,查阅

11. look up     仰视

set  词组

1. As soon as she arrived, she set _____ tidying up (整理,收拾)the room.

2. They've set _____ on a trip round the world.

3. Together the four men set _____ to look for the lost animal.

4. He set _____ to write a history of civilization(文明).

1. set about doing    着手,开始

2. set off   起程,出发

3. set out     出发,动身

4. set out to do     开始,着手

5. set up     创立,设立,建立

5. We'll certainly set_____ a complete modern industrial system.

6. A few scarecrows(稻草人)were set _____ in the field.

7. Let's set _____ the tent first, and build the fire later.

8. 放火

9. 释放某人

10. 给某人树立榜样

6. set up    竖起,支起

7. set up    竖起,支起

8. set fire

9. set sb. free

10. set an example to sb.

turn  词组

1. Those who were once for him have turned _____ him.

2. Turn _____ everything captured(缴获的).

3. I'm going to turn my garage _____ a playroom for the children.

4. Be sure to turn _____ the lights when you leave the room.

5. Shall I turn _____ the bath water for you?

1. turn against      转而反对

2. turn in   交进,上缴,归还

3. turn...into...     变成,转变成

4. turn off     关掉灯,气,水,电器等

5. turn on     打开

6. He turned the meat ___ in the pan(平底锅).

7. They always turn _____ me when they are in trouble.

8. His attention turned ____ the pretty young girl.

9. Turn the radio _____ a little.  I can scarcely hear the program.

10. He turned the coat collar(衣领) ____ because of the wind.

11. Something will turn _____ to get you out of the difficulty.

6. turn over     把...翻过来

7. turn to     转向,找...求助

8. turn to     转向

9. turn up    把音量开大一些

10. turn up   卷起,翻起,

11. turn up   发生,出现

 take  词组

1. Mr. Pier has taken his son ___ from the boarding-school(寄宿学校).

2. The baby was playing with a needle, so I took it ____ from her.

3. He would neither apologize nor take _____ what he had said.

4. I took the book ____ to the library yesterday.

5. The rain has stopped.  You may take ____ your umbrella.

6. The motorist's name and address were taken ____ by the policeman.

1. away      带走   2.  away     拿走        3.  back    4.  back   

5. take down   拿下    6. take down   记下

7. He took _____ his glasses and wiped them again, outside and in.

8. The crew(全体船员,乘员) of the tanker were taken _____ by helicopter


9. A helicopter is able to take _____ and land straight up and down.

10. The dentist is going to take this tooth _____.

11. The weather is perfect for taking the children _____ for a walk.

12. The accident took _____ only a block from his room.

7. take off    拿下,脱掉

8. take off    救起,营救

9. take off   起飞

10. take out   取出

11. take out     带某人出去

12. take place     发生

13. The concert takes _____ next Friday.

14. He has taken _____ photography as a hobby.

15. Music takes _____ more than thirty percent of the broadcasting programmers.

16. The wardrobe(衣柜) took _____ too much room.

17. 看一看







13. take place     举行,举办

14. take up     从事某项活动,发展某种爱好

15. take up     占去时间

16. take up     占去地方

17.take a look at

18. take a message for sb.

19. take a seat

20. take aim

21. take an active part in

22. take care of

23. take great trouble to do sth.


25.别着急, 别紧张












24. take hold of

25. take it easy

26. take on a new look

           27. take one's place

28. take one's temperature

29. take one's turn

30. take photos

31. take pride in

32. take sb./sth. by mistake

33. take sth. for granted

34. take the place of

35. take the side of

36. take this seat

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