Community Volunteers Program

Community Volunteers Program is a brand new service opportunity that engages volunteers in weekly service with community-based organizations in neighborhoods surrounding the Boston campus. It offers various volunteer placements that will allow you to connect your skills, passions, and interests with weekly service!

826 Boston

It is a nonprofit kids writing and publishing organization empowering traditionally under-served students (age 2 to 13) to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in future life.

·Primary Focus: After-school enrichment/tutoring.

·Opportunity Type: Remote.

Family Gym Program

Family Gym's goal is to provide families with young children (age O to 10) with a safe, accessible space to engage in fun, and age-appropriate physical activity.

·Primary Focus:Nutrition and Meal Assistance,Nutrition and Physical Education.

·Opportunity Type: Virtual/Remote.

Community Servings

Community Servings actively engages the community to provide medically tailored, nutritious, scratch-made meals to critically ill kids(age 6 to 10) and their families.

·Primary Focus: Food Security,Nutrition and Meal Assistance.

·Opportunity Type: In person.

Hernández After School Program

HASP involves youth from the Rafael Hernández Two-Way Bilingual School to provide the highest quality of specialized services to meet the educational, social, emotional,cultural,and recreational needs of its students (age 5 to 12) in the surrounding communities.

·Primary Focus:After-school enrichment/tutoring for multilingual students.

·Opportunity Type:Remote.

21. What is the main job of volunteers in 826 Boston?

A. To teach students expressive skills.    B. To provide kids with physical training

C. To offer teenagers social assistance.   D. To help youth with emotional problems.

22.Which program may prefer volunteers with medical knowledge?

A. 826 Boston.            B.Family Gym Program.

C. Community Servings.    D. Hernández After School Program.

23.What do the four programs have in common?

A.They advocate healthy diets.   B. They focus on education.

C. They feature online service.   D. They center around children.


Helga Stentzel’s Clothesline Animals combine charming images as fine art prints in

various sizes.

As an artist whose style she calls“household surrealism(超现实主义)”,she works in various media and has a large collection of works.Instead of throwing an old pair of pants or T-shirt away,Helga Stentzel puts her tired garments out to the farm. By hanging them on a simple clothesline she sets up and folding them artfully that look like animals, she takes wonderful pictures. Some are shot in real locations while others are digitally placed in environments in charming form with appealing colors.

Siberian-born Stentzel has cooperated with many respectable and well-known brands, one of which is Hogar Verde,a bio-friendly laundry products brand in Ecuador. For them she has created the adorable clothing illusions(错觉)for a print ad campaign, which also drew attention to the endangered animals shown within,like dinosaurs,polar bears and so on.

Stentzel's practice started from her childhood in Siberia, where she spent hours surveying her grandmother's carpet, woods and random objects for recognizable forms, including a pile of buckets looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In what seems a very simple gesture, Stentzel’s works employ household items and turn them into surrealist images that uncover different reading layers From food to clothes, the artist is inspired by everyday objects and gives them a second life through her creative and really poetic personal angle.

“I stare at things longer than socially acceptable!It can be anything -a chair, a noodle hanging off the fork,a lamp post in the middle of the road.Observation is a form of thinking for me.I really enjoy studying colors,shapes and textures-with no expectation, simply admiring their unique beauty.Very often there's nothing more to it,but sometimes BOOM!-a creative idea hits my brain, and it makes a link between sliced bread and wrinkled skin of a French bulldog.It’s very unpredictable,”Stentzel said.

24. How did Stentzel create an artwork according to paragraph 2?

A. By designing clothes on software.         B. By painting animals in various colors.

C. By taking photos of animals on the farm.   D. By hanging clothes folded in animal shapes.

25.What is Stentzel’s source of inspiration?

A. Daily items. B. Tourist attractions. C. Random surveys.  D. Childhood adventures.

26.Which of the following can best describe Stentzel’s fine art prints?

A.Complex and digital.      B. Meaningful and creative.

C. Poetic but commercial      D. Ordinary but bio-friendly.

27,What can we learn from Stentzel's story?

A. Art can give people a second life.       

B. Artworks are from life yet above life.

C. Creation is from intentional observation.  

D. Cooperation results in adorable artworks.


Could the next Emest Hemingway or Jane Austen be a well-engineered AI software program? It's a question becoming increasingly pressing as machine language-learning software continues to evolve.

Much of this is just nerves. Today’s AI creative writing programs are not yet at a stage of development where they pose a serious threat to Colleen Hoover or Charles Dickens. But while attention continues to focus on the possibility of a blanket takeover of human literature by AI,far less consideration has been given to the prospect of AI co- working with humans.

Earlier this month,American sci-fi writer Ken Liu,who had been awarded Hugo and Nebula to his name,joined 12 other professional authors for a writing workshop on Google's Wordcraft. This AI tool,a language generating model,is not yet publicly available but is advertised as an AI-powered writing assistant that can, when given the right instruction from the writer,provide helpful descriptions,create lists of objects or emotional states, and even brainstorm ideas.

The writers at the workshop,however, emerged with mixed reports. “Wordcraft is too sensible. Wow!”Robin Sloan wrote. “But 'sensible’ is another word for predictable, overused and boring. My intention here is to produce something unexpected.”

I'm unconvinced that writers awarded the Nobel Prize have much to fear from AI. Their work, and that of countless other novelists, short story writers, dramatists and poets, is too particular, too beautifully unique. Even if a model leaned what they had done in the past, it would not be able to predict where their creativity might take them in the future. But for authors who write following a pattern,Al might step in, first as assistants before some day to authorship.

Production-line novels are nothing new. In the 1970s, Barbara Cartland, who wrote more than 723 books in her lifetime,many of which are romance bestsellers, would read her novels for her secretary to type up at the remarkable rate of roughly seven chapters a week. But already machine has replaced the secretary’s role. Perhaps creative writing software isn't that far from replacing the Mrs. Cartlands of today.

28. Which aspect of Al calls for more attention?

A. Its damage to our nerves.          B. Its progress in literary studies.

C. Its cooperation with humans.       D. Its influence on human literature.

29. What can we learn about Wordcraft from the text?

A. It generates novels automatically.       B. It outperforms professional writers

C.Its works receive praises from the public.  D. Its works bear similarity to existing ones.

30. What can writers do to avoid the threat from AI?

A. Increase writing speed.

B. Use diverse resources.

C. Produce creative works.

D. Follow the latest patterns.

31. Which of the following is the best title for the text?

A.Will AI Replace Human Writers?

B. AI Warns Mrs.Cartlands of Today

C. Is Writing Running into a New Era?

D. Worderaft Lies at the Center of Debate


Two separate research groups in the U. K. and Denmark have come up with the same idea for a study that could help save endangered species, and have gotten the same results. It involves sucking environmental DNA from the air that animals leave behind.

“We use a really small pump that pulls the air through, and we hope the DNA gets caught on the filter(过滤器),”said Elizabeth Clare,the lead researcher. “ It's a bit like making coffee. You make coffee by sucking water through a filter and leaving the coffee grounds behind. That's basically what we're doing; we're just sucking the air through and hoping that the DNA gets lost behind."

Clare says the concept has been used for years in different ways. Scientists sample pathogens(病原体) from the air, which has been used to help track COVID-19 Environmental DNA can also be collected from water to help ease invasive species.

A big goal for both research teams with the new study is to be able to locate endangered species and help save them. It is important to note that this type of DNA sampling can only be picked up if a species is in the area, so if there were two of the same animal, scientists would not be able to tell which one the DNA came from.

Both research groups also reported certain DNA samples not showing up when they knew an animal had been in the area. They also can't tell yet how long an animal's DNA will stick around after it's been in one area.Clare says she'd like to plan more researches to get these answers.

But one thing is for sure after conducting the study.Clare says she has a whole new

perspective on taking a deep breath.“As you know,I'm walking through a jungle or the park or taking my dog for a walk or my kids out to play,and I take a deep breath;I think I just inhaled information about all the things that have been here before, and as a scientist, that's exciting to think that the information that I'm trying to gather is literally hanging in front of me,” she said.

32.Why does the author mention coffee-making?

A. To show the function of a filter.        B. To illustrate how the idea works.

C. To compare two different methods.

D. To prove how simply DNA-sucking works.

33. What does the underlined phrase “the concept”in paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Detecting danger in the air.   B. Protecting endangered animals.

C.Sucking DNA out of the air.   D. Collecting environmental samples.

34. What do we know about the new method of DNA sampling?

A. It distinguishes different DNAs.

B. It collects certain DNA within range.

C. It locates endangered species exactly.

D. It predicts the duration of animals’ stay.

35. What can we infer from Clare's words in the last paragraph?

A. She breathes the air of hope for future studies.

B.She agrees with the benefits of deep breathing

C. She adopts brand-new methods of purifying the air.

D. She finds inner peace by doing simple things in life.



We clearly live in an era with little patience. Entire TV series are available at once on streaming services, and burning questions are solved in seconds via a search engine. This instant satisfaction, undoubtedly, is killing our ability to wait. _____36__ . Here are some strategies to pick up that magic mix if you weren't born with it.

·Visualize success

There's no need to set a real situation where you wait in a super long grocery checkout line to test yourself. Simply visualizing it helps a lot.See yourself smiling and breathing as you wait for the line to move.____37___ .For example, you could say, “it's not bad to enjoy this magazine while waiting”.Your mind will start to process the picture as a real experience and help to set you up for future successes.

·Slow down

Racing around is not necessarily the only way to get what you want. __38__ . Most adults do not feel happy when they’re rushing,and children are even less capable of doing it with a good attitude. Instead of sweating through your routine,turn on some background music you like and move at a normal pace.


The ability to let your mind wander, whether daydreaming or actively applying your imagination, is a skill that improves patience.___40_     Take a break and do something that could free your brain from the work that takes tons of energy.This helps you build up your staying power, so next time you might be more patient and more likely to focus on your task.

A. Learn to distract yourself

B. Add some positive words if possible

C. Therefore, we are getting more and more impatient

D. You don't have to get the whole paper done in one go

E. We get so caught up in hurrying that we get stuck in that mode

F.But sometimes, a fast pace does improve our working efficiency

G.Thus,the loss of this mixed quality of tolerance and calmness is unavoidable

第三部分语言运用(共两节,满分30分)第一节(共15小题;每小题1分,满分 15分)


Every August,teams with players about 10 years old play baseball across the Us, with the aim to become Little League__41_. In this year's game,Isaiah Jarvis,a Little League batter(击球手)      42___the pitcher(投球手),Kaiden Shelton, who threw a baseball that hit him in the head. The___43___scene brought tears to the eyes of the crowd in the stadium.

On August 7",Kaiden Shelton,from Texas,___44___Isaiah Jarvis,from Oklahoma, at the plate. With two strikes against Isaiah,Kaiden____45___lost control of his pitch. The ball hit Isaiah in his helmet, sending him to the ground.The field staff immediately____46    him and found him to be OK. He decided to remain in the____47____Yet Kaiden, the pitcher, appeared to be____48_  .

Isaiah called a timeout upon seeing his ____49____battling emotions. He calmly walked toward Kaiden and gave him a big hug, trying to ____50____him.“Hey,you’re doing just great.” Kaiden later shared with NBC News. “These_____51___words from him really helped me. ”

A video of the moment was posted online and attracted more than 6.5 million views. Danny Graves, a sports announcer, said Isaiah’s ____52____ was the best thing he had ever seen in Little League baseball.

The Texas team won the game 9-4 to ____53____ to the Little League World Series. And Isaiah was also ___54___ to the game to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The pair told NBC News they think their newfound_____55____will last beyond any tournament.

41. A. candidates          B. volunteers       C. champions    D. reporters

42. A.replaced          B. hugged       C. challenged     D. identified

43. A. embarrassing      B. confusing       C. amusing         D. touching

44. A.faced              B. saved           C. assisted         D. needed

45. A. possibly          B. suddenly       C. gradually         D. nearly

46. A. attended to      B. appealed to   C. referred to     D. objected to

47. A.video              B. celebration    C. game          D. tournament

48. A.disappointed      B. annoyed       C. surprised         D. panicked

49. A. partner          B. opponent       C. coach          D.fan

50. A. protect          B. rescue       C. comfort          D. instruct

51. A.powerful          B. typical       C. familiar         D. contradictory

52. A. strength          B. sportsmanship   C. generosity     D.politeness

53. A. apply             B. return          C. connect         D. head

54. A.linked              B. admitted       C. invited         D. selected

55. A.friendship          B.popularity       C. wealth         D.freedom



The special performances of Guangdong Song and Dance Theater, a series of the2022 Guangdong Performing Arts Troupe Show Season,will be held from mid-October56 late November at the Guangdong Arts Theatre.

The Show Season has been shown for five years, and the three classics this time represent the ____57__(late)achievements of Guangdong’s artistic creation.Dance drama“Awakening”, ___58_____premiered(首映)in the Macedonian National Theatre in February 2019,has been well-received in four European countries. Using psychological deconstruction techniques to reflect the characters’ inner spiritual world, it _____59____(favor)by audiences for bringing both artistic pleasure and inspiration.

“Dragon Boat Racing” is also an unmissable classical dance drama ____60_____ (base) on several Guangdong musicians. Set in Guangzhou's Shawan Town in the 1930s the drama tells the story through contemporary dance arts.Since its premiere in 2014,the dance drama _____61___(tour)for over 200 performances nationwide, with ___ 62______average attendance rate of more than 95%, and has won numerous awards.

_____63_____(integrate)boxing with dance,the musical drama“Mission Must Be Reached”mixes Lingnan-style music with rock & roll,pop music and rap.The original musical drama tells the story of a deliveryman's various ____64_____(attempt) to find his long-lost sister, only to become a trainee in a boxing center______65______(accidental), and he finally wins the championship in a boxing competition.









Dear Hans,



Li Hua



I looked up from my desk to see the teacher writing on the board:“Battle of the Books!”She smiled and said,“This time it’s a teamwork.You’re going to be in teams of two,and set a reading goal. Every team that meets their goal by the end of the month will get a prize!”The lunch bell sounded before she could explain any more rules.

As I gathered my things,Liya passed my desk and said,“Teammates?”Since Liya and I shared the same interest in graphic novel(漫画小说),and we took Hindi language class together,we teamed up automatically. I was both relieved and excited to have my team. Then we got to the cafeteria and quickly threw out a bunch of ideas of what to do at our table.

I looked to our third friend Kash, with whom the three of us always do stuff together,“Kash, do you have ideas for us?”“Why would I give you guys ideas?”he said gloomily(阴沉地).“Ill save that for my team ... whoever that is.Now I see how I rank in the friendship lineup.” Kash replied in an angry tone.

I knew he was mad for a reason. If I were him, not only would I think that I ranked last in that group,but Id also be panicking about what team I could join. But now,I was on the inside and Kash wasn't. I felt like the only way to fix this would be three people on a team. So, as the teacher walked by our table,I asked for her permission. What surprised me was that she had intended to draw names to assign random groups,but didn’t  get a chance to say it before lunch.

Awkward and frustrated, we were stuck in this dilemma.Having first teamed up without Kash didn’t mean we didn’t like him.I knew we-especially I-wouldn’t be able to enjoy any prize if our friend felt bad about being left out.So,I decided to do something to make it up for him and convince Kash he was an equal friend.


1. 续写词数应为 150 左右;


That night, I was struck by an idea as I read a graphic novel that all three of us liked.


The next day , I handed my pages of apology to Kash._______________________________




第一节(共 15 小题;每小题2.5 分,满分37.5 分)

21~23 ACD   24~27 DABB  28~31 CDCA    32~35 BCBA

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2.5 分,满分 12.5 分)

36~40 GBEAD


第一节(共15 小题;每小题1分,满分15 分)

41~45 CBDAB  46~50 ACDBC     51~55 ABDCA

第二节(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)

56. to   57. latest    58. which     59.has been favored/is favared     60.based

61. has toured    62. an      63.Integrating      64.attempts      65. accidentally

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分40分)第一节(满分 15 分)

Dear Hans,

I'm glad to hear you will hold an activity on the “Chinese Language Day”.Here are some tips to make it amazing and educational.

First engaging audience in entertaining activities is the key.It can start with Chinese calligraphy show demonstrating the beauty of Chinese characters. Then why not hold a Chinese speech contest to highlight the unmatched charm of this elegant language? After that it could be wrapped up with “Jasmine”,a traditional Chinese song,which will certainly impress the audience.

I am sure this will be a feast of culture and I sincerely hope you could record this unforgettable show and share your achievement with me!


Li Hua

第二节(满分25 分)

That night, I was struck by an idea as I read a graphic novel that all three of us liked. Thrilled and inspired,I sprang in front of my desk, racked my brains and started drawing a few scenes of three of us giggling, chattering and enjoying each other's company like we usually did. On the last page,I wrote,“Dear Kash, you are not the one left behind.Liya and I are so sorry about the way we messed things up.”Pierced to the heart with guilt,I gingerly tucked the paintings into an envelope hoping this would be an icebreaker.

The next day,I handed my pages of apology to Kash. He took it,looking surprised at the first sight. After he read it, an expression of intense joy illuminated his eyes. Blushed,I broke the silence,"I'm sorry, dude. We should have talked to you.”With her eyes fixed on the floor, Liya came over and apologized in a low voice,“You mean a lot to us." Hearing her words, Kash shook his head and beamed,“I was way too sensitive.”We exchanged a knowing smile,realizing that sincerity.trust and communication were always the key to clearing up the misunderstanding between friends.

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