634①I’d like to convey my sincere appreciation to you for your kindness and help.我想对您的好意和帮助表示衷心的感谢。(感谢信)

635②The message conveyed here is clear: “Actions speak louder than words.”这里传达的信息很清楚:“行动胜于语言。”(读后续写主旨升华) 

636①Occupied in preparing for my final exam, I have no alternative but to decline your invitation.我只能谢绝你的邀请,因为我在忙于准备期末考试。(谢绝信)

637②The number of tourists to the scenic spot has declined by 10% in recent years to only 5 million.近年该景点游客人数下降了10%仅有500万。

638①Yuan Long Ping is one of the most influential scientists in agriculture, under whose influence I decide to major in science.袁隆平是农业界最有影响力的科学家之一, 在他的影响下我决定主修理科。

639②My physics teacher is my role model, who has influenced me to take up the position as a teacher.我的物理老师是我的榜样,他影响了我去做一名教师。

640①Do guarantee to behave yourself when invited to your Chinese friend's home.被邀请到中国朋友家做客时,一定要保证自己举止得体。(建议信)

641②Blue skies are not always a guarantee of fine weather. 蔚蓝的天空并不能永远保证晴朗的天气。

642③Such a tasty breakfast was guaranteed to make their mom joyful on Mother’s Day.这样一顿美味的早餐保证会让他们的妈妈在母亲节快乐。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

643①You’d better behave properly, particularly minding your table manners/minding your table manners in particular.你要行为举止恰当,尤其要注意餐桌礼仪。(建议信)

644②He was very particular about the kitchen—everything had to be perfectly clean and in its place.他对厨房非常讲究——每件东西都必须干净整洁而且要放在相应位置。(读后续写场景描写)

645①He can always bring the class to life with his humor, and we are all fond of him.他的幽默使得他的课堂生动活泼,我们都喜欢他。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

646②When the girl came to life, an air of delight and excitement settled over the crowd.当那个女孩苏醒过来时,人群中弥漫着喜悦和兴奋的气氛。(读后续写情感描写)

647①It is very annoying to see so much rubbish thrown around in the tourist attraction. 在旅游景点看到这么多垃圾扔得到处都是,真令人恼火。(倡议书)

648②It’s easy for me to understand why so many people were attracted to my video.很容易理解为什么么多人喜欢我的视频。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

649③It was so upset to think of the scene that he jumped out of bed and ran to the window.他想到那一幕实在很难过,于是从床上跳起来,向窗口跑去。(读后续写情感描写)

650④It’s really challenging for us to finish the race, but no one gave up.完成赛跑对我们来说很有挑战性,但是没有人放弃。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷报道)


651①Through the rewarding ceremony, we are aware that we should study harder in reward for the patient instructions of our parents and teachers.通过这个有意义的仪式,我们意识到我们应更加努力学习,以回报父母和老师的耐心的教导。(2020·天津高考发言稿)

652②With grateful tears hanging in his eyes, he insisted on rewarding us with a lot of money for helping him.他眼中满是感激的泪水,坚持给我们大笔钱酬谢我们的帮助。(读后续写情感描写)

653①You can rely on it that my introduction and efforts can deepen visitors understanding of traditional Chinese culture.相信我的介绍和努力会加深参观者对中国传统文化的了解。(自荐信)

654②Bernard made up his mind to follow their examples to be a reliable person whom others can rely on for help.伯纳德决心以他们为榜样,成为一个别人可以依靠的人。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

655①Since you are crazy about basketball, it’s rewarding to try out for the basketball match.既然你喜欢篮球,参加篮球赛选拔很有意义。(邀请信)

656②He was anxious and uncertain, wondering whether he should have a try.他焦虑不安,揣摩着他是否应该试一下。(读后续写情感描写)

①I made up my mind to shoulder my own responsibility to support the family.我决心肩负起养家的责657任。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

658②Every time the memory of the Halloween crossed/flashed through my mind, I laughed myself to death.每次回想起万圣节的事,我就笑得要死。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

659①You can have a taste of these traditional crafts by either seeing how to make them or trying one by yourself.你可以通过观看这些传统手工艺的制作方法或亲自尝试体验这些传统手工艺。(2021·浙江高考宣传稿)

660②Not only my parents but I speak English fluently, making us communicate with foreign guests smoothly.我的父母和我都讲一口流利的英语,这使我们能与外宾顺利交流。(申请信)


661①Fear held us entirely in its power, and it made us starving to flee for safety.我们惊恐万分,急于逃到一个安全的地方。(2020·浙江高考读后续写)

662②Penniless and starving, the child stood near the road and begged for a meal, otherwise he would starve to death.这个孩子身无分文又饥肠辘辘,站在路边要饭,否则就会饿死。(读后续写动作描写)

663①A flood of fear seized me./I was seized by fear. Shaking like a leaf, I had never been so scared in all my life.我吓得瑟瑟发抖,一生中从未这么害怕过。(读后续写情感描写)

664②He sprung to his feet, seized the money from her and dashed out. But Adam seized him by the arm and got her money back.他一跃而起,从她手里抢过钱,冲了出去。但亚当抓住了他的胳膊,把她的钱要了回来。(读后续写动作描写)

665①As we can not tolerate people throwing garbage around, a campaign is to be launched to appeal to people to protect the surroundings.由于无法容忍人们乱扔垃圾,我们将发起一场活动呼吁人们保护环境。(倡议书)

666②Friends have to learn to put up with annoying habits and to tolerate differences of opinions.朋友之间应该学会忍耐对方恼人的小毛病,并允许意见出现分歧。(读后续写主旨升华)

667①We had fun in the beach, picking up dozens/scores of shells.我们在沙滩上玩得很开心,捡了许多贝壳。

668②Tens of thousands of cows would never give milk again. Half a million pigs and millions of chickens were dead.成千上万的奶牛不再产奶,五十万头猪和千百万只小鸡全都死了。

669①Now that the Internet is increasingly popular, our life is becoming more colorful.因为互联网越来越普及,我们的生活变得更加丰富多彩。(投稿短文)

670②Up to now, a wide variety of sports events have been held in our school stadium.到目前为止,我校已在体育馆举行了各种体育赛事。(活动介绍信)

671①There is no doubt that the activity not only equipped us with some practical skills but also raised our awareness of safety.毫无疑问,这次活动不仅使我们掌握了一些实用的技能而且增强了我们的安全意识。(报道)

672②I doubted whether/if my parents would agree that I had the right to manage my earnings.我怀疑我父母是否同意我有权用我赚的钱。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)


673①With a good command of English, I’m quite qualified for the job.我的英语很好,完全可以胜任这份工作。(申请信)

674②I have taken part in several similar activities, which will qualify me for the voluntary work.我参加过类似的活动, 使我能胜任这个志愿者工作。(申请信)

675①I envied him being enthusiastic and full of energy and it seemed that he never felt exhausted.我羡慕他的热情和充沛的精力,他似乎从不感到疲惫。

②I was green with envy because she was really dressed to the teeth at the party.她在派对上穿得真676华丽,我非常眼红。(读后续写情感描写)

677①The moment his head hit the pillow, he sank into a deep sleep.他的头一碰到枕头,就沉沉睡去了。

678②Her heart sank. She felt seized by a burst of sadness and couldn’t hold back her tears.她心情沉重。她突然感到很悲伤,忍不住落下泪来。(读后续写情感描写)

679①Abandoning myself to/Abandoned to computer games, I performed badly in the final exam.我沉迷于电脑游戏,期末考试考得很差。(求助信)

680②We sang, danced, and laughed with abandon, forgetting the troubles in our lives.我们放纵地唱歌、跳舞、大笑,忘却了生活中的烦恼。(读后续写情感描写)

681①Though stuck in the traffic jam, he was still in a good mood at the thought of the coming holiday.虽然被困在交通堵塞中,但一想到即将到来的假期,他的心情仍然很好。(读后续写情感描写)

682②The breakfast made by the twins would always stick in the mother’s mind.双胞胎做的早餐妈妈会经久不忘。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

683①In the face of all these difficulties, we should not be discouraged but keep our spirits up.面对各种困难,我们不应灰心而应保持良好的心态。(劝慰信)

684②A sense of despair seized her, and the endless loneliness kept her floating in the ocean of sadness.她觉得绝望极了,无尽的孤独使她漂浮在悲伤的海洋里。(读后续写情感描写)

685①The teacher’s encouragement cheered her up, and her face lit up with joy.老师的鼓励使她振作起来,她脸上露出喜色。(读后续写情感描写)

686②She greeted me with a cheerful smile, which made me feel good.她愉快地笑着和我打招呼,让我感觉很好。(读后续写神态描写)

687①What a delightful surprise the twins gave to the mother!这对双胞胎给妈妈带来了多大的惊喜啊!(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

688②You can hardly imagine how frightened we were when the polar bear opened its mouth and charged towards us.当北极熊张开嘴向我们冲来的时候,你很难想象我们是多么的害怕。(2020·浙江高考读后续写)


689①A wave of sorrow welled up within her. Tears were beginning to gather in her eyes.一阵悲伤涌上心头,她眼里涌上泪水。(读后续写情感描写)

690②He sorrowed at the news of his friend’s accident, his hands shaking.他听到朋友出事的消息很悲伤,双手颤抖。(读后续写情感描写)

691①Depressed, she felt in no mood to do anything but weep in her room.她很沮丧,除了在房间里哭泣,什么也不想做。(读后续写情感描写)

692②Birds were singing, the air was filled with laughter, and everyone was in the best of moods.鸟儿在歌唱,空气中满是欢声笑语,人人心情愉悦。(读后续写情感描写)

693①I used to correspond with/be in correspondence with my friends by letters while now the Internet makes our communication more convenient.我过去经常写信与朋友联络, 而现在网络使我们的沟通更方便了。

694②Only when we make our actions correspond with our words can we win the trust of others.只有言行一致,我们才能赢得他人的信任。(读后续写主旨升华)

695①I’m writing to express my sympathy for your falling ill during your stay in Beijing.你在北京突然生病,我写信深表同情。(劝慰信)

696②Mrs. Meredith had sympathy for/was sympathetic to the poor, so when she had time, she would bring food and medicine to them. Meredith太太同情穷人,因此每当她有时间她都会给他们带来食物和药品。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

697①It was through the experience that I was aware that I should hold on to/hold fast to my dream and never give it up.正是通过这次经历我意识到我应该坚持自己的梦想永不放弃。(读后续写主旨升华)

698②A strong hand reached out and caught hold of her arm.一只有力的手伸了出来抓住了她的手臂。(读后续写动作描写)

699③I bent myself down, held my kid in my arms and rocked him.我弯下腰将孩子抱在怀里,摇晃他。(读后续写动作描写)

700①From my point of view, there is no point in getting upset without taking any measures.在我看来,不采取任何措施而烦恼没有任何意义。(建议信)

701②I was on the point of breaking down when my father came running to help with a knife.我差点哭出来,这时我父亲拿着刀跑来帮忙。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

702①By participating in the cultural festival, we have developed a deep friendship.通过参加文化节,我们建立了深厚的友谊。(2022·浙江高考电子邮件)

703②Every time, he checked the data with great caution before leaving the lab, his face surprisingly pale and drawn.每次离开实验室前,他都极其小心地核对数据,他的脸出奇地苍白憔悴。(2022·浙江高考读后续写)

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