320①I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations to you on your winning first place in the English Speech Competition. 我衷心地祝贺你在英语演讲比赛中获得第一名。(祝贺信)

321②The audience burst into thunderous cheers, congratulating him on breaking the record. 观众爆发出雷鸣般的欢呼声,祝贺他打破了纪录。(读后续写场景描写)

322①The exhibition has a wide range of paintings that can satisfy all kinds of visitors.展览展出一系列的绘画,可以满足各种各样的参观者。(2021·浙江高考宣传稿)

323②The opera has a large audience, ranging from children to grandparents.这个地方剧观众很多, 从小孩到爷爷奶奶辈的都有。(邀请信)

324①What you really need to do is to figure out the reason why you fail in the exam.你真正应该做的是找出你考试不及格的原因。(建议信)

325②The terrible figure disappeared into the forest, after which Tom ran all the way home, his heart wildly beating.那个可怕的身影消失在森林后,汤姆一路跑回家,他的心狂跳不止。(读后续写动作描写)

326①We gathered around the pile of apples we had picked, laughing and talking.我们聚在我们摘的苹果堆周围,有说有笑。(2020·全国卷Ⅱ活动介绍)

327②The moved mother gathered them in her arms, and the glittering tears failed her.感动的妈妈把他们抱在怀中,泪眼婆娑。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

328①Through the activity, we are aware that hard work is of great significance.通过这次活动,我们意识到劳动至关重要。(2020·全国卷Ⅱ活动介绍)

329②It is significant that the greatest gift of life is friendship.很明显,生命中最珍贵的礼物是友谊。(读后续写主旨升华)

330①Don’t be afraid of mistakes, you have to learn by reflecting on/upon them.不要害怕错误,你必须通过反思来学习。(建议信)

331②At my words, he hung his head, lost in deep reflection.听到我的话,他低下了头,陷入沉思中。(读后续写动作描写)

332①She has been devoted to her work, for which I respect her a lot.她全身心投入工作,我非常敬重她这一点。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

333②Bernard learned to help others in trouble, winning/gaining/earning the respect of his neighbors.伯纳德学会了帮助有困难的人,赢得了邻居们的尊敬。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

334①So, they set off for the local supermarket together and bought some paper bags for popcorn.因此,他们一起出发去当地的超市买了一些装爆米花的纸袋子。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

335②They set about cleaning up the kitchen while their father helped make the breakfast.他们着手打扫厨房,而他们的父亲帮忙做早餐。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

336①All in all, no words are strong enough to convey how grateful I am.总之,任何语言都不足以表达我的感激之情。(感谢信)

337②After all, friends show their love in times of trouble, not in times of happiness.毕竟,朋友是在患难的时候表达爱意而不是在幸福时。(读后续写主旨升华)

338①My grandmother helped me believe that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to. 我的祖母让我相信,我可以完成任何我专心去做的事情。(2020·天津高考发言稿)

339②No matter how funny the experience was, I understand the meaning of the saying—look before you jump.无论这次经历多么搞笑, 我明白了“三思而后行”的意义。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)


340①With the final exam approaching, a majority of students are under much pressure.随着期末考试的到来,大多数学生压力很大。(倡议信)

341②I was selected to be the leading role in the play by a majority of 50, which made me filled with joy.我以50票的优势被选为该剧的主角,这让我很高兴。(读后续写情感细节)

342①I’d like to complain to you that the waiter of your hotel broke my suitcase.我想向你投诉贵宾馆的服务员弄坏了我的行李箱。(投诉信)

343②In time of difficulty, what we need is not complaint about it to each other but understanding of each other. 困难的时候,我们需要的不是相互抱怨困难而是互相理解。(读后续写主旨升华)

344①It’s a great pity that I will fail to go outing with you at the appointed time.很遗憾我不能在约定的时间和你去郊游。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

345②Learning he was appointed as head of the team, he couldn’t contain his excitement and danced into the house.得知他被任命为队长后,他激动得雀跃着进了家门。(读后续写动作和情感细节)

346①Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, but lost time is gone forever.失去的财富可由勤奋而恢复, 但失去的时间却一去不复返。(读后续写主旨升华)

347②I replaced him as the leading role in the school drama, which came as a big shock to the class.我代替他成为学校戏剧中的主角, 这让全班同学大为震惊。(读后续写情感细节)

348①My mother gathered me in her arms and whispered to comfort me.我妈妈搂着我,小声安慰我。(读后续写动作细节)

349②Franklin cupped his hand over Tom’s ear and began whispering his plan.富兰克林双手围成杯状在汤姆耳边低声讲起他的计划。(读后续写动作细节)

350①I’m wondering if you could assist me in choosing/to choose the suitable topics for the class meeting.我想知道你是否能帮助我选择合适的班会主题。(2021·全国甲卷求助信)

351②With the assistance of their father, the twins managed to make tasty breakfast.在他们爸爸的帮助下,他们设法做好了美味的早餐。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

352①She stared at me, tears glistening/twinkling/shining in her eyes.她看着我,泪花闪闪。(读后续写神态描写)

353②When we tear one page from the calendar, it means our life has been shortened by one day.每当我们从日历上撕下一页,就意味着我们的生命又少了一天。

354①What is known is that being addicted to cellphones does harm to/is harmful to/harms health.众所周知,沉溺于手机有害健康。(倡议书)

355②I cupped my hand over the phone, whispering that I meant no harm.我用手捂住电话,低声告诉她我没有恶意。(读后续写动作和语言描写)

356③He added sometimes there was no harm in putting off some work until another day. 他还说,有时把工作推到以后去做并没有什么害处。

357①Despite the failure of the test, she believed her determination and hard work would carry her through tough times.尽管考试失败了,她相信她的决心和努力会帮助她渡过难关。

358②He rose to his feet on shaky legs, and carried on walking slowly down the road.他双腿颤抖地站了起来,继续沿路慢慢地走着。(读后续写动作描写)

359①Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, I determined to pick myself up from where I fell.深吸一口气让自己镇定下来,我决定从我跌倒的地方爬起来。(读后续写情感描写)

360②With Bernard’s business of popcorn taking off, his fathers health gradually picked up.随着伯纳德爆米花生意的成功,他父亲的健康逐渐好转。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

361①Nothing can bring more joy and happiness than reading those masterpieces created by great figures.读那些伟大人物创作的杰作最幸福快乐了。

362②Hard though it is, there is nothing as valuable as the sense of achievement you get from challenging yourself.虽然困难重重, 没有什么比通过挑战自己所获得的成就感更有价值了。(读后续写主旨升华)

363①The tree has witnessed passing generations taking shade, and cats lying lazily nearby in the sunlight.一代又一代的人在这棵树的树荫下乘凉,猫们慵懒地躺在附近晒太阳。

364②The next moment saw the mother’s surprise and happiness when she tasted the breakfast prepared for her by the twins.紧接着,当母亲品尝到双胞胎为她准备的早餐时,她又惊又喜。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

365①The bear was seen running into the forest and I seized the chance to take a photo of him.熊跑进了森林,我抓住机会给它拍了张照片。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

366②He heard voices coming from the other side of the fall. He yelled, but the sound of the rushing water swallowed his voice out.他听到了瀑布另一端传来的说话声。他大声喊, 但流水声淹没了他的声音。

367①Hearing their plan, Bernard jumped for joy, tears of happiness and gratitude welling up in his eyes.听到他们的计划,伯纳德高兴得跳了起来,幸福和感激的泪水涌上双眼。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

368②She hugged the caring twins tightly, her eyes flooded with/full of tears.她紧紧地抱住贴心的双胞胎,双眸满是泪水。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)


369①Learning our school table tennis team is admitting new members, I can hardly wait to invite you to join it.得知我校乒乓球队正在招收新队员,我迫不及待地想邀请你加入球队。(邀请信)

370②One day I got word that he was admitted to hospital for a serious disease.有一天我听说他得了重病住进了医院。(2022·浙江高考读后续写)

371①That night a terrible storm occurred, with the wind blowing and beating the house.那天晚上下了一场可怕的暴风雨,狂风拍打着房子。(读后续写天气描写)

372②It occurred to/struck/hit him that Bernard could make some money by selling popcorn.他突然想到伯纳德可以卖爆米花赚钱。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

373①I meet with some difficulties with my English, so I have no choice but to seek your help.我的英语遇到了一些困难,因此我只得寻求你的帮助。(求助信)

374②We yelled at the bear and hit glass bottles, seeking to frighten the bear away.我们朝熊大喊大叫,砸碎玻璃瓶,试图把熊吓跑。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

375①The students selected from every class took part in the competition.从每个班选出的学生都参加了比赛。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷报道)

376②She was selected as one of the most influential figures of science in the 20th century.她被评选为20世纪最具影响力的科学人物之一。

377①The girl looks quite familiar, but her name escapes me.这个女孩看起来很眼熟,但是我想不起她的名字了。

378②The thief grabbed his cellphone, escaped into the crowds, squeezed onto the bus, and disappeared.小偷一把抢走他的手机,逃进人群,挤上公交车,不见了。(读后续写动作细节)

379①In my view, the problems can be settled in no time if you double your efforts.在我看来,如果你加倍努力,问题可以很快解决。(建议信)

380②Bernard settled down to learning how to make popcorn after selling out the first basket of popcorn.在卖完第一篮爆米花后,伯纳德开始学习做爆米花。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

381①Please let me know what time suits you best. I am available anytime next weekend.请告诉我你何时方便。下周末我有空。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

382②Because of my fluent English, I am convinced that I am suitable for the voluntary work.因为我英语流利,我相信我适合这个志愿者工作。(2019·全国卷Ⅰ申请信)

383①Our school stadium is large enough to contain 3,000 people, where a wide variety of sports events can be held.我校体育场大得足以容纳3 000人,在体育场能举办各种体育赛事。(告知信)

384②Their mom tried to contain her excitement, but the glittering tears failed her.他们的妈妈试图抑制自己的激动,却激动得落泪了。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

①The Internet has brought about great changes in the way we learn.网络给我们的学习方式带来385了巨大的变化。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

②The kindness of the family brought back my faith in humanity and I would try to bring warmth to 386others in the future.这家人的善意让我对人性有了信心,将来我会努力给别人带来温暖。(读后续写主旨升华)

387①What impresses me deeply is her unique teaching methods.使我印象最深的是她的独特的教学方式。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

388②Determination and optimism are what it takes to conquer your fear and accomplish your goal.决心和乐观是你征服恐惧和实现目标所需要的。(读后续写主旨升华)

389①There are many scenic spots in Beijing, the most attractive of which is the Great Wall.北京有很多景点,其中最迷人的是长城。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

390②This semester our school offers many optional courses to the students, each of which appeals to many students.这个学期,我们学校为学生提供了许多选修课程,每一门课程都吸引了许多学生。(告知信)


391①Disappointed at his failing to win a prize, he locked himself in his room.他因未能获奖而失望得把自己锁在房间里。(读后续写情感描写)

392②A look of disappointment flashed across/spread over his face.他的脸上掠过失望的神情。(读后续写神态描写)

393①Knowing you have a strong desire to learn Chinese well, I’d like to offer you some suggestions.得知你很想学好汉语, 我想给你一些建议。(建议信)

394②The disappointed twins desired their father to tell them how to make sandwiches, and he nodded.失望的双胞胎想要父亲告诉他们如何做三明治,他点点头。(读后续写动作细节)

395①The Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, signalling the end of the Spring Festival celebrations.正月十五是元宵节,标志着春节庆祝活动的结束。(传统文化介绍)

396②I ran up to the car, took him by the arm and signalled him to follow me.我跑向汽车,拉住他的胳膊,示意他跟我走。(读后续写动作描写)

397①The lack of enough practice may lead to your failure in the exam.缺乏足够的练习可能会导致你考试不及格。(建议信)

398②Lacking/For lack of/Lacking in confidence and experience, Jane was quite at a loss as to how to deal with the terrible situation.由于缺乏自信和经验,简完全不知道该如何应付这可怕的情况。(读后续写情感描写)

399①It is beyond argument that the Great Wall is the symbol of China.毋庸置疑长城是中国的象征。(推荐信)

400②I thought I could argue my parents into allowing me to use my money as I wished.我原以为我能说服我的父母允许我按照我自己的意愿花钱。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

401③He encouraged me and argued that I should work on the project alone.他鼓励我并主张我独自完成该课题。(2022·浙江高考读后续写)

402①Handwriting is of such great importance that everyone should attach great importance to it.书写至关重要,每个人都应重视。(活动介绍)

403②She found a box lying on the table with a card attached to it, saying “Happy birthday”.她发现桌子上放着一个盒子,盒子上贴着一张卡片,上面写着“生日快乐”。(读后续写)

404①Not only did the festival immerse us in diverse cultures, but it also resulted in mutual understanding and friendship.文化节不仅使我们浸润在不同的文化中,也促进了彼此的理解和友谊。(2022·浙江高考电子邮件)

405②As a result, he was right, we have become friends for life.结果他是对的,我们成了终生的朋友。(2022·浙江高考读后续写)

406①Personally, I think I am the best person to take up the job.就个人而言,我认为我是做这个工作的最佳人选。(2019·全国卷Ⅰ申请信)

407②Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the first one to ask why.看到苹果落下的人不计其数,但牛顿是第一个问为什么的。


408①I’m writing to express my heartfelt apology to you for my failing to hang out with you this weekend as scheduled.我没能按计划与你共度本周末,我写信向你致以诚挚的歉意。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

409②I gathered my courage, and sincerely apologised to him for my misconduct.我鼓起勇气,真诚地为我的不当行为向他道歉。(读后续写动作描写)

410①Judging from/by the story, it is only shallow people who judge a person from/by his appearance.4从这个故事判断,只有肤浅的人才会以貌取人。(读后续写主旨升华)

411②Never judge people at first glance, for true beauty comes from the inside.永远不要凭一眼判断人,因为真正的美来自内在。(读后续写主旨升华)

412①We lay on the grass, staring at the night sky which was spotted with twinkling stars.我们躺在草地上,凝视着繁星点点的夜空。(浙江高考读后续写)

413②Spotting the polar bear approaching us, we stood rooted to the spot with fear.看到北极熊向我们靠近, 我们吓得呆若木鸡。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

414①She was usually patient with her students and never made them disappointed.她对学生通常很有耐心,从来不让他们失望。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

415②She gave me a comforting smile and nodded while listening patiently/with patience.她给了我一个安慰的微笑,一边点头一边耐心地听着。(读后续写神态描写)

416①If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.如果你有任何问题,随时问我。(告知信)

417②I hesitated for a moment, wondering how to hide/disguise/mask my inner embarrassment.我犹豫了一会儿,揣摩如何掩饰内心的尴尬。(读后续写情感描写)

418①I’d like to share with you some suggestions on how to mind your table manners in China.我想给你一些你在中国如何注意餐桌礼仪的建议。(2018·全国卷Ⅰ回复询问信)

419②She treated her friend in a rude manner, making her mother disappointed and annoyed.她对朋友粗鲁, 这使她妈妈既失望又生气。(读后续写情感描写)

420①No one is permitted to take photos of the exhibits in the museum without permission.任何人未经允许禁止对博物馆里的展品拍照。(通知)

421②Weather permitting, a winter hike will be launched to get us close to nature and raise us students health awareness.天气允许的话,将举办冬日远足活动,让我们接近大自然并提高我们学生的健康意识。(通知)

422③Much to my disappointment, the door guards didn’t permit bringing my camera.令我大为失望的是,门卫不允许我带相机。(读后续写情感描写)

423①I deeply appreciate your help and I hope to have the opportunity to show you around Beijing in return for your kindness.我非常感谢你的帮助,并且我希望有机会带你参观北京以报答你的好意。(感谢信)

424②On/Upon her return home, their reunion after a long separation brought mixed feelings of joy and sorrow to them both.她一回家,他们两人久别重逢悲喜交加。(读后续写情感描写)

425①The activity offered us a chance to have access to various books and aroused our interest in reading.这次活动让我们有机会接触到各种各样的书籍,并激发了我们的阅读兴趣。(活动介绍信)

426②She calculated that going to a stranger’s house was risky, but she determined to take a chance.她认为去陌生人家是冒险的,但她决定碰碰运气。(读后续写)

427①Bernard found himself in the community where people came running to buy his popcorn.伯纳德来到社区,那里的人们跑来买他的爆米花。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

428②I found myself touched by his action, tears clouding my eyes.我被他的行为感动了,泪水模糊了我的双眼。(读后续写情感描写)

429①Rarely have I found him impatient with his children who ran around the yard playing happily.我很少发现他对在院子里跑来跑去快乐玩耍的孩子们不耐烦。(读后续写)

430②No sooner had I got the chance to explain than she rushed into the pouring rain.我还没来得及解释, 她就跑到瓢泼大雨中。(读后续写)

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