1①Through the cultural exchange activity, we exchanged views with each other on cultural shock.通过这次文化交流活动,我们就文化冲击交流了看法。(活动介绍)

2②The man at the table looked up, smiled and exchanged glances with me.桌边的那个人抬起头来,微笑着和我交换了一下眼色。(读后续写神态描写)

3①The activity is specially designed to promote students safety awareness.这个活动旨在提高学生的安全意识。(活动介绍)

4②The guy pushed him by design, making him annoyed.那家伙故意推他,惹他生气。(读后续写情感描写)

5①The twins were anxious to get the breakfast done.双胞胎急于做好早餐。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

6②As the sky gradually darkened, a wave of anxiety seized/flooded over/swept over him.天色渐暗,他感到一阵不安。(读后续写之情感细节)

7I’m anxious to complain about the noise that is constantly annoying me.我急于投诉一直打扰我的噪音。(投诉信)

8②Sally was annoyed at the children for making so annoying noise, slamming her fist on the table in annoyance.对孩子们弄出这么烦人的噪音莎莉很生气,她恼怒地用拳头捶桌子。(读后续写情感描写)

9①So fantastic are the paintings that I am deeply impressed by the talent of the painters as well as the charm of traditional Chinese culture.这些画作极好,画家的才华和中国传统文化的魅力给我留下了深刻的印象。(2021·浙江高考应用文)

10②Father has always impressed on me that hardwork will pay off one day.父亲总让我明白,努力总会有回报。(读后续写主旨升华)

11③A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.千言万语不如一个行动。(读后续写主旨升华)

12①It is a good idea to concentrate your efforts on improving your oral English.集中精力提高英语口语是个好主意。(建议信)

13 Italian industry is concentrated mainly in the north.意大利的工业主要集中在北部。

14 ①I feel much more confident of our winning in the coming football game.我相信,我们会在即将到来的足球赛中取胜。(告知信)

15②The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.你能穿在身上最好的衣服就是自信。(读后续写主旨升华)

16③Breathing deeply, I calmed down and walked onstage with confidence.我深呼吸,平静下来,满怀信心地走上舞台。(读后续写情感描写)

17①Don’t annoy her, and just leave her alone.别烦她,让她一个人待着。

18②By opening a novel, I can leave behind my burdens and enter into a wonderful world.打开小说,我就能放下包袱,进入一个奇妙的世界。

19①I look forward to reading every issue of the Youth.我期待读Youth的每一期。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷应用文)

20②Get down to studying hard, and you will get your studies improved.开始努力学习吧,你的成绩会有所提高的。(建议信)

21③Mary turned to the left and walked along the path leading to the huge garden with wide lawns and winding walks.玛丽向左拐,沿着通往有宽阔草坪和蜿蜒小径的大花园的小路走着。(读后续写写景)

22①What if it isn’t a real opportunity?如果不是真正的机会怎么办?(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

23②What if we go out to visit a flower show next Sunday?我们下星期天去看花展怎么样?(2021·北京高考道歉信)

24①After I arrived in America, I found myself living in a completely strange foreign culture.我来到美国之后,发现自己生活在完全陌生的异国文化中。(求助信)

25②The twins found it delightful to prepare breakfast for their mother.这对双胞胎觉得为母亲做早餐很愉快。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)


26①I’m wondering how many periods of the course there are each week, for I prefer having/to have some time at my disposal.我想知道这门课每周有几节课,因为我更喜欢有一些时间由我自由支配。(询问信)

27②As you have a preference for traditional Chinese culture, your suggestions will be greatly helpful to us.因为你喜欢中国传统文化,你的建议将对我们大有帮助。(2021·全国甲卷求助信)

28③Though very frightened, we preferred to grab the garlic bread and throw it at the bear rather than shoot it/we would rather grab the garlic bread and throw it at the bear than shoot it.虽然我们非常害怕,但我们宁愿抓起蒜蓉面包扔给熊,而不是开枪。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

29①I recommend the book to you since you are interested in traditional Chinese culture.因为你对中国传统文化很感兴趣,所以我向你推荐这本书。(推荐信)

30②The doctor recommended I should be under treatment in hospital, so I could not accompany you to Xi’an.医生建议我住院治疗,因此我不能陪你去西安。(道歉信)

31③I recommend you to practice Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese sport, for practicing it regularly will help you stay healthy physically and mentally.我建议你练中国传统运动太极,因为练太极能助你身心健康。(建议信)

32①Though facing challenges, he keeps trying and never loses confidence.尽管面临挑战,他还是不断尝试,从未失去信心。(人物介绍)

33②I am confident enough to challenge the good players to a game.我有足够的信心向优秀选手挑战比赛。

34①You’d better sign up for the advanced course in advance.最好提前报名参加高级课程。(通知)

35②The lecture has done much to advance our understanding of art.讲座提高了我们对艺术的认识。(报道)

36①As scheduled, we will have a class meeting next Friday.依照计划,我们下周五有一节班会。(2021·全国甲卷求助信)

37②The exhibition is scheduled to last from January until March.展览安排在一月举行,并持续到三月份。(2021·浙江高考应用文)

38①I was content with second place as I tried my best.得第二名我已经知足了,因为我尽最大努力了。(读后续写情感描写)

39②We should never content ourselves with book knowledge only.我们切不可仅仅满足于书本知识。(读后续写主旨升华)

40①I tried to attract the waiter’s attention, but in vain.我试图引起服务员的注意,但是没用。(投诉信)

41②What attracts me to the job most is the chance to introduce traditional Chinese culture to foreigners.这份工作最吸引我的是向外国人介绍中国传统文化的机会。(申请信)

42①The lecture will focus on the history and development of Chinese characters.讲座主题是汉字的演变。(通知)

43②Much to my surprise, my video became the focus of attention, making me an instant hit.压根儿没想到我的视频成了关注的焦点,使我一炮而红。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

44①I probably would have continued trying to keep up with him for the rest of my high school life, but when my family moved, everything changed.我可能会继续努力在我高中生活的剩余时间里跟上他,但我搬了家后,一切都变了。(2020·天津高考发言稿)

45②The good idea John came up with did help Bernard earn some money.约翰提出的这个好主意的确帮助伯纳德赚了一些钱。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

46①The lecture deals with a pearl in traditional Chinese art, Peking Opera.讲座涉及中国传统艺术的一颗明珠——京剧。(邀请信)

47②Frozen with fear, he stood rooted to the spot, unknowing how to deal with the situation.他吓呆了,一动不动地站着,不知道如何应付这个情况。(读后续写情感描写)

48①You will find it very rewarding to participate in the voluntary work.你会发现参加义工很有意义。(邀请信)

49②I consider it no use taking online courses without self⁃discipline.我认为不自律,上网课没用。(2020·北京高考短文投稿)


50①I’m writing to apply for the voluntary job, which I think I am qualified for.我写信申请这个志愿工作,我认为我完全能够胜任该工作。(申请信)

51②After applying a little ointment to his hand, Jeff soon applied himself to cleaning up the kitchen.杰夫在手上涂了一点药膏后,很快就专心打扫厨房。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

52①With a goal in mind, you will be amazed at your potential if you strive for that goal.心中有了目标,努力为之奋斗后,你会惊讶于自己的潜力。(建议信)

53②It amazed me that you had given up the chance to go abroad.让我吃惊的是你竟然放弃了出国的机会。(读后续写情感描写)

54③To her amazement, she found that nearly all the neighbours came.她惊奇地发现几乎所有的邻居都来了。(读后续写情感描写)

55①I have made arrangements for you to be met at the airport.我已安排人到机场接你。(告知信)

56②I have arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cat while we are away.我们外出期间喂猫的事,我已和邻居安排妥了。(告知信)

57①He is universally recognised as one of the greatest scientists in the world. 他被公认为世界上最伟大的科学家之一。(介绍人物)

58②Don’t wait for a smile to be nice, and don’t wait to be lonely to recognise the value of a friend.不要等到别人对你微笑你才对人友善, 不要等到孤独才明白朋友的价值。(读后续写主旨升华)

59①During the Mid⁃Autumn Festival, families gather together to admire the moon and enjoy delicious moon cakes.在中秋节,家家户户欢聚一堂,赏月,品尝美味的月饼。(传统文化)

60②I show great respect and admiration for Yuan Longping, Father of Hybrid Rice.我非常尊敬和钦佩杂交水稻之父袁隆平。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

61①If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.如有其他问题,请立即与我联系。(回复信)

62②I will make/have contact with you once I have some information about the activity.一旦有了与活动相关的信息我就会与你联系。(回复信)

63①Our school requests us to attend/All are requested to attend the lecture on time.学校要求大家准时听讲座。(通知)

64②The pianist listened to our request that he should play in the charity sale. Joy and laughter filled the room, and everyone’s heart leapt for joy.钢琴家听取了我们的请求, 答应在义卖上演出。屋子里欢声笑语,大家欢喜雀跃。(读后续写场景)

65③She approached me and made a request for some water. 她走近我请求给点儿水。

66①On the way to the farm, attractive scenery came into view, and you can imagine how thrilled we were.在去农场的路上,迷人的景色映入眼帘,我们兴奋不已。(2020·全国卷Ⅱ活动介绍)

67②There was nobody in view except some sheep in the grassland.草原上看不到一个人,只能看到几只羊。(读后续写之环境描写)

68③These mountains are a splendid sight when viewed from the valley floor.从谷底看上去,群山壮丽。(读后续写写景)

69①At the sight of the gift you sent me, I felt delighted and moved.看到你送给我的礼物,我既高兴又感动。(感谢信)

70②Harry turned and caught sight of Cho, who was grinning. 哈利转过身看见了秋,她在咧着嘴笑。(读后续写动作描写)

71③If you are not careful, you’ll lose sight of what really matters. 一不小心,你就会忘记什么是真正重要的。

72①The hard training at my college will make up for my lack of working experience.我在大学所受到的严格训练可以弥补我工作经验的缺乏。(自荐信)

73②With life being made up of ups and downs, it is not always easy to maintain a good and enthusiastic attitude.人生起起落落,要保持积极向上的态度并不总是那么容易。(读后续写主旨升华)

74①The more you learn and the more you try, the more you will be able to take control of your food and your schedule.你学得越多,尝试得越多,就越能控制你的饮食和日程安排。

75②There was nothing we could do about it—the situation was beyond our control. A wave of desperation swept over us.形势已经无法控制,我们束手无策,彻底绝望了。(读后续写情感描写)

76①The twins are learning in June, but other than that, they'll have fun traveling.这对双胞胎六月份学习,除此之外,他们将开心地旅行。

77②I’m more than amazed at the beautiful scenery of Beijing.北京美丽的景色让我惊叹不已。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

78.It was last Sunday that witnessed a 5km cross⁃country running race held by our school.上周日,我校举行了5公里越野赛。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷应用文)

79②It was he that/who dealt with every detail with a clear purpose.就是他有明确的目标处理每一个细节。(2022·浙江高考读后续写)

80③It was not only the breakfast, but the love of the children for her that moved her very much.这个早餐和孩子们对她的爱使她深受感动。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

81④It was at the moment that he was discouraged like a deflated ball.就是在那一刻,他灰心丧气,像一个泄气的皮球。(读后续写情感描写)

82①Lying on the bed was their beloved mother.躺在床上的是他们深爱着的母亲。(2021·浙江高考读后续写)

83②Then came a familiar voice, which made Jane wild with joy.接着传来一个熟悉的声音,简欣喜若狂。(读后续写情感描写)

84③On his face stood an expression of horror.他脸上露出恐惧的表情。(读后续写情感描写)

85①It is clear/obvious that online learning has its advantages and disadvantages.显然,网络学习既有优点也有缺点。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

86②It is a pity that I will fail to go out with you this Sunday as appointed.本周日我不能按约定和你一起外出真是遗憾。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

87③It is thought that black is cool and elegant. 人们认为黑色冷静优雅


88①It is an honour/I feel honoured to be invited to make a speech here.我荣幸受邀在此演讲。(演讲稿)

89②The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in honour of an ancient poet, Qu Yuan. 庆祝端午节是为了纪念古代诗人屈原。(传统文化)

90③My mother has been honoured with the best teacher for her excellent work.我的妈妈因为工作出色荣获优秀教师的称号。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

91①Sports teach us to accept challenges and face difficulties with determination. 运动教会我们接受挑战,坚定地面对困难。(短文投稿)

92②Amazed at their fluent oral English, I was determined to be as good.他们流利的英语口语让我惊叹不已,我决心也要学得一样好。(短文投稿)

93.I was wearing a seatbelt, without which I would have been injured.我当时系着安全带,否则我就受伤了。

94②He lost control of the car, crashed into the truck and got seriously injured.他的汽车失控,撞上了卡车,受了重伤。

95③They removed the injured with such great skill and were so cool in the emergency.他们熟练地将伤者移走,在紧急情况下表现得十分冷静。

96①I’m sorry to inform you that I will fail to go out with you this weekend.我很抱歉地告诉你,周末我不能和你外出了。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

97②The true failure is the failure to learn from failure.真正的失败是未能从失败中汲取教训。(读后续写主旨升华)

98③Words failed the mother when she wanted to express her thanks to the twins.当母亲想向双胞胎道谢时,她不知道说什么好。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

99①We will compete with other volleyball teams for the championship.我们将与其他排球队争夺冠军。(告知信)

100②Life is like a long competitive race in which we compete against others to go beyond ourselves.人生就像一场漫长的竞赛,我们与别人竞争,以超越自己。(读后续写主旨升华)

101①Frank turned away, pretending not to notice me, and hurried away.弗兰克转过身去,假装没看见我,匆匆走开了。(读后续写动作描写)

102②Despite a feeling of desperation, he pretended to his family that everything was going well.尽管很绝望,但是他对家人佯称一切顺利。(读后续写情感描写)

103①You’d better arrive a little earlier as the Chinese lay stress on punctuality.你最好早点到,因为中国人重视守时。(建议信)

104②It must be stressed that we should have a good understanding of its advantages and disadvantages.必须着重指出的是,我们应更好地理解其优缺点。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

105①Although their strength was giving out, no competitors gave up halfway.尽管所有参赛者筋疲力竭,他们都没有半途放弃。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷应用文)

106②Never give in to any difficulties; keep trying and you will make it one day.决不向任何困难屈服;继续努力,总有一天你会成功的。(劝慰信)

107①You can ask the teacher to speak slowly so that you can make sense of what he says.你可以请老师讲慢一点,这样你就可以理解他讲的内容了。(建议信)

108②It makes sense to work out a solution to the problem before it gets out of control.在形势失控之前着手解决该问题是明智之举。(建议信)

109①Small acts of kindness can really make a great difference to others.小善举真能给他人带来很大影响。(读后续写主旨升华)

110②It made no difference to me whether they pretended to have found out the truth or not.不管他们是否假装已知道真相,对我来说无关紧要。(读后续写主旨升华)

111③My friends differed in their attitudes to my participation in the play, making me quite annoyed.朋友们对我参与演出态度各异,让我很恼火。(读后续写情感描写)

112①Children are compared to young trees because they are still growing and can still be shaped.人们把儿童比作小树,因为他们都还在成长,还能被塑造。

113②Compared with the past, my fitness has improved a lot.与过去相比,我的身体素质有了很大的提高。

114③My favorite season is autumn as the weather is more agreeable in comparison with summer.我最喜欢秋天, 因为与夏天相比,秋天的气候更加宜人。

115①Facing up to your problems rather than running away from them is the best approach to working things out.解决问题的最好办法是面对而不是逃避问题。(建议信)

116②It was the twins rather than their father that were taking the breakfast upstairs.送早餐上楼的是这对双胞胎,而不是他们的父亲。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

117①In the beginning, learning English well seemed to be so challenging that I wanted to give up without even trying.一开始, 学好英语似乎很难,我甚至没有尝试就想放弃。(求助信)

118②Actually, everyone may go through a time when things seem to be going wrong, so there is no need to worry so much.事实上, 每个人都似乎有诸事不顺的一段时期,因此不必太担心。(建议信)

119①I have been reading Youth since I entered my senior high school.自我上高中以来,我一直在读《青年》。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷应用文)

120②I'm tired out for I have been training all afternoon for the football game.我累坏了,因为我整个下午都在为足球比赛训练。(读后续写情感描写)


121①Sweet memories came flooding back and Jane was in floods of tears.甜蜜的回忆涌上心头,简哭得泪人似的。(读后续写情感描写)

122②A great sense of relief and pride flooded over my father.我的父亲深感宽慰和骄傲。(读后续写情感描写)

123③She drew the curtains and the sunlight flooded in.她拉开窗帘,阳光洒了进来。(读后续写写景)

124①Affected by those selfless doctors, I have developed a deep affection for the career.在这些无私的医生的影响下,我喜欢上了这个职业。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

125②Large amounts of donations have been flooding into the affected areas.大量捐款源源不断地涌入受灾地区。(报道)

126①You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.你改变不了过去,但如果你忧虑未来,将会毁了现在。(读后续写主旨升华)

127②On returning to the town, they were shocked to find their neighborhood in ruins.当他们回到镇上时,他们震惊地发现他们家附近成了废墟。(读后续写情感描写)

128①Since she graduated, my mother has buried herself in teaching, receiving high praise.我母亲自毕业以来,全心扑在教学上,获得了高度赞扬。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

129②Father paced in, his hands buried in his pockets.父亲双手插在口袋里踱步进来。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

130①Do pay a visit to Jiuzhaigou, which is well worth the effort!九寨沟很值得一游。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

131②Let’s start now and spare no effort to do a little bit every minute!让我们从现在开始,每分钟不遗余力地做好点滴!(倡议书)

132③She took a deep breath and sat up slowly with great effort.她深吸一口气,缓慢而吃力地坐了起来。(读后续写动作描写)

133①My hometown used to suffer from problems such as poor road conditions and dirty environment.我的家乡曾饱受糟糕的道路条件和肮脏的环境等问题的困扰。(短文投稿)

134②I’m not surprised that your studies are suffering.你功课变差,我并不感到惊讶。(劝慰信)

135③To our shock, he had become seriously ill, suffering great pain and discomfort.令我们震惊的他已病得很重,极其痛苦不适。(读后续写情感描写)

136①Life isn’t about how to survive storms, but how to dance in the rain.生活不在于挺过暴雨,而在于在风雨中力求欢乐。

137②The ancient building survived from the Tang Dynasty as a museum.这栋古建筑从唐朝留存至今用作了博物馆。

138①If you have any problems, just turn to me. I’ll do everything in my power to help you.如果你有什么问题,尽管来找我。我会尽我所能帮助你。(建议信)

139②The present situation is only temporary, and it is within your power to deal with it.目前这个状况只是暂时的,你有能力解决它。(建议信)

140③Gently rubbing the little dog’s ears, Mary got amazed at his power to read her thoughts.玛丽揉着小狗的耳朵,对小狗揣摩自己想法的能力颇为吃惊。(读后续写动作+情感描写)

①Struck by your talent for music, I can hardly wait to invite you to the music festival.我对你的音乐天赋印象深刻,我迫不及待地想邀请你参加音乐节。(邀请信)

141②Mountain Tai has struck its beauty into my heart; as a result, it strikes me that I will visit it again.泰山的美让我刻骨铭心,所以我想我会再次游览泰山。(游记)

142①During his lifetime, Li Bai wrote a great number of excellent poems, all of which have a great effect on Chinese culture.李白一生创作了大量优秀的诗歌,对中国文化产生了巨大的影响。(介绍信)

143②Hopefully, my recommendations will soon be put into effect to settle these problems.为解决这些问题,希望我的建议不久会付诸实施。(建议信)

144①Just keep on going. It will be worth all the effort in the end.继续奋斗。所有的努力最终是值得的。(建议信)

145②After traveling around the world, he ended up teaching English in Beijing, which came as a shock to us. 他在周游世界之后,最后在北京当老师教英语,这着实让我们大吃一惊。(读后续写情感描写)

146③Although the test ended up as a failure, Nila didn’t lose heart because she knew Lexi would be there by her.尽管测试失败,尼娜并不灰心,因为她知道蕾西会支持她。(读后续写)

147①On the one hand, online learning improves the learning efficiency; on the other hand, it also brings about some new problems.一方面,网络学习提高了学习效率;另一方面,也引起了一些新的问题。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

148②As the saying goes, success and failure always go hand in hand.俗话说,成功与失败如影随形。(读后续写主旨升华)

149①I am too pleased to help you improve your fitness.我很乐意帮助你提高身体素质。(建议信)

150②As the saying goes, it’s never too old to learn.俗话说,活到老学到老。(读后续写主旨升华)

151③The little girl sank to the ground, too frightened to cry.那个小女孩瘫倒在地,吓得哭不出来。(读后续写情感描写)

152①I prefer to live in the countryside where the air is fresh to breathe.我更喜欢住在乡下,那里的空气很新鲜。

153②The breakfast prepared by the twins was delicious to enjoy.双胞胎准备的早餐很好吃。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

154③The garden was so fantastic to admire that he was lost in it, not noticing it had got dark.花园景色迷人,他流连忘返,不知不觉天已经黑了。(读后续写环境描写)

155①He was walking cautiously along the road when his feet slipped and he fell over.他正小心翼翼沿着路走着,突然他脚下一滑摔倒在地。(读后续写动作描写)

156②They were on the point of putting up the tent in the open air when a loud whistle frightened them.他们正要在户外搭起帐篷,这时一声响亮的口哨声把他们吓坏了。(读后续写情感描写)

157③Mother had just woken up when she smelt an inviting smell of food.妈妈刚睡醒,就闻到一阵食物诱人的味道。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)


158①Do remember the speech should be given without referring to the notes.切记演讲时不要参考演讲稿。(通知)

159②Youth, referred to as my best friend, accompanies me through my whole high school.《青春》被称为我最好的朋友,它陪伴我度过了整个高中。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷应用文)

160①There are a variety of/varieties of tourist attractions and historic sites in Beijing.北京有各种各样的旅游景点和历史古迹。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

161②Views on online learning vary from person to person.不同的人对网络学习有不同的看法。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

162①If you are eager to improve your Chinese, then by all means make use of every chance to communicate with the locals.如果你想提高汉语,那么务必利用一切机会与当地人交流。(建议信)

163②From the experience I realize that by no means is working hard equal to damaging one’s health.我从这次经历意识到了努力工作绝不等同于损害健康。(读后续写主旨升华)

164①In regard to your questions about my future careers, I’m determined to be a doctor.关于你对我未来职业选择的疑问, 我决心做名医生。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

165②Online learning is regarded as a most effective way to learn English.网络学习被认为是一个非常高效的英语学习方法。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

①I’d appreciate it if you could take the trouble to give me some advice.如果您能费心给我提些166建议,我将不胜感激。(2021·全国甲卷求助信)

167②I would appreciate it if you share with me some details about the activity.如告知我活动相关细节,我将不胜感激。(询问信)

168③Words fail to convey my appreciation to you.我对你的感谢无法形容。(感谢信)

169①Many of their families were struggling to make ends meet.许多家庭都在努力维持生计。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

170②Though it was a struggle to sell the popcorn, Bernard managed to sell it out.虽然爆米花很难卖出去,伯纳德还是设法卖光了爆米花。(2020·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

171①I am convinced that I am equal to being a volunteer for the Chinese painting exhibition. 我确信我能胜任做这个中国绘画展的志愿者。(2019·全国卷Ⅰ申请信)

172②Learning to tell the difference between the true and the false is equally important.学会区分正误信息同样重要。(2021·全国乙卷发言稿)

173①As new members are in demand in our basketball club, I’m writing to invite you to join it.由于我们篮球俱乐部招收新成员,我写信邀请你加入。(邀请信)

174②Father demanded the twins (should) clean up the kitchen when he helped make breakfast.父亲要求双胞胎在他帮忙做早餐时把厨房打扫干净。(2021·新高考Ⅰ卷读后续写)

175①Chinese tea culture dates back thousands of years/dates back to/dates from thousands of years ago and drinking tea gradually became a tradition.中国茶文化可以追溯到几千年前,饮茶逐渐成为一种传统。(介绍信/短文)

176②Would you mind if I suggest setting a date for the outing next Sunday afternoon?我建议把郊游的日期定在下周日下午,你介意吗?(2021·北京高考道歉信)

177①Whenever I have trouble with my studies, my father always helps me patiently.每当我在学习上有困难时,我的父亲总是耐心地帮助我。(2020·全国卷Ⅰ参赛短文)

178②Learning you have difficulty getting along with your classmates, I’d like to offer you some advice.听说你和同学相处有困难,我想给你一些建议。(建议信)

179①The reason why I fail to go out with you is that I have to care for my sick grandfather.我不能和你外出是因为我必须照顾我生病的爷爷。(2021·北京高考道歉信)

②I have decided to register for the computer major. This is because the high⁃paying employment 180in IT industry attracts me most.我决定报考计算机专业,这是因为IT行业的高薪工作最吸引我。(2021·天津高考短文投稿)

181①Learning to discipline ourselves is of great benefit to our English learning. 学会自律对我们的英语学习大有益处。(2020·北京高考短文投稿)

182②It is common for teenagers of your age to come across similar challenges.对于你这个年龄的青少年来说,遇到类似的挑战是很常见的。(劝慰信)

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