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1. I’m sorry I couldn’t get in touch with him before he left, I ___ him earlier. 

A. had a telephone        B. have phoned    

C. should have phoned    D. should be phoned

【答案】C。should(ought to)+have+过去分词:表示对过去动作的责备、批评。You should have gone over your lessons.你们应把功课复习好。You shouldn’t have watched TV last night.你们昨天晚上不应该看电视。

2. Don’t you think it is time you ___ smoking? 

A. give up    B. gave up    C. would give up   D. should give up 

【答案】B    It is time sb did sth:该是做某事的时候了,固定用法,句中的动词使用虚拟语气,用一般过去时表示。

3. I would have joined him in a picnic, but I _____ his company. 

 A. will not like   B. don’t like          C. had not liked     D. might not like


4. I wish you ___ to me before you went and bought that car. 

A. spoke    B. will speak    C. was going to speak    D. had spoken 

【答案】D   句中before后面的动作时过去时态,表明已经发生了,故B错;因“我希望(I wish)”发生的动作应该发生在before从句中的动作之前,所以选过去完成时态,故D正确。“wish+宾语从句”表示与过去事实的虚拟:sb wish that … had done,表示“应该发生而实际没有发生的动作”。

5. ___the advice of his friends, he would not have suffered such a heavy loss in his business. 

A. If he took       B. If he should take      C. Were he to take      D. Had he taken 

【答案】D 此句测试虚拟语气的用法。此句为和过去的事实相反的虚拟句,if省略,句子倒装。因此D最符合题意。本句的意思是:“如果他听了朋友们的劝告,他的生意就不会这么损失惨重。”

6. It’s vital that enough money _____ collected to get the project started. 

 A. is            B. be          C must be            D. can be

【答案】B 此题考查虚拟语气的用法。形容词vital后面连接主语从句的时候要虚拟语气should+动词原形。因此B为正确答案。

7. I am too busy these days. I would rather all of you ___ next month for a dinner. 

A. come    B. would come   C. came   D. have come 

【答案】C。would rather +句子(过去时)(虚拟语气):I’d rather you didn’t tell anyone what I said.你最好别告诉任何人我所说的话。I’d rather you came with me. 你还是和我一起来吧。

8. I believe he ___ an accident, otherwise he would have arrived on time. 

    A. would have had   B. could have had    C. should have had   D. must have had

【答案】D    主语+must+have+过去分词,表示对过去事实的推测。The road is wet. It must have rained last night.路是湿的,昨晚肯定下雨了。I didn’t hear the phone. I must have been asleep.我没有听见电话玲响,我肯定是睡着了。

9. It’s urgent that a meeting _____ before the final decision is made. 

A.will be arranged       B. must be arranged

C.  be arranged          D. would be arranged

【答案】C It is (was)+adj形容词/过去分词+that……结构中形容词后的主语从句用虚拟语气表示愿望、建议、请求、命令、可能、适当、迫切、重要等;should可省略。常用的形容词由natural, appropriate, advisable, preferable, better, necessary, important, imperative, urgent, essential, vital, probable, possible, compulsory, crucial, desirable等。

10. You have stayed at home for two days. It’s time you_____ for a walk.

   A. go out    B. went out     C. will go out    D. would go out

【答案】B。虚拟语气。固定句型It’s time that+过去式。他说你在家呆了两天了,该是你出去散步了。

11. Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people ____ the same language? 

    A. spoke       B. speak      C. had spoken   D. will speak 

【答案】A   do you think是主句,后面的部分是宾语从句,而宾语从句是一个包含if 条件状语从句的复合句;there would be判断, if从句中可以用一般过去时spoke,表示现在事实的虚拟。句意为; 你如果认为人们都说同样的语言,世界上就会少些冲突吗?

12. The doctor advised that Mr. Malan ___ an operation right away so as to save his life. 

A. had    B. would have    C. have    D. was going to have

【答案】C     advise 后面的宾语从句中要求使用虚拟语气,动词用(should)+do形式。

13. Mary said to me, “Had I seen your bag, I ___it to you.” 

A. will return    B. must return      C. could return      D. would have returned 

【答案】D 此句测试虚拟语气的用法。因为题干中有句话had I seen your bag,表示和过去的事实相反的句子,if省略,因此D为正确答案。本句的意思是:玛丽对我说:如果我看见了你的书包,我会还给你的。

14. Without heat and sunlight, plants on the earth_____ well. 

  A. would not grow   B. will not grow   C. had not grown   D. would not be grown

【答案】A  本题考查虚拟语气的用法。without引导含蓄的虚拟条件句,本句与现在的事实相反因此选A。又如:Without electricity,there would not be modern industry 如果没有电的话,就没有现代工业。

15. It is desirable that he ___. 

A. gives up trying          B. give up trying   

C. would give up trying     D. is going to give up trying 

【答案】B。句型It is desirable (suggested,necessary,requested,ordered,proposed,important)+that+主语+should(可省略)+V(动词原形)。因此本句选B。如:It is strange that he(should)go himself.真奇怪,他怎么自己独自去呢?

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