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1. I would ask George to lend us the money if I ____ him. 

    A. had known    B. have known    C. knew    D. to have read

【答案】C 该句使用了虚拟语气,从主句的would ask 判断,if 从句谓语动词可以用一般过去时knew,表示对现在事实的虚拟。句意为“如果我认识乔治的话,我就让他借给我们钱了”。

2. If I __ you, I ___ more attention to English idioms and phrases. 

  A. was/ shall pay    B. am/ will pay     C. would be/ would pay   D. were/ would pay


3. Don't touch the sleeping tiger. If he woke up, he_____ you. 

A. would come to    B. would come at   C. would have come toward  D. will come to 


4. We ___ delighted if the report ___ true. 

  A. were/ were       B. shall be/ were    C. should be/ were       D. were/ would be


5. If I ________ plan to do anything I wanted to, I'd like to go to Tibet and travel through as much of it as possible.

    A. would        B. could          C. had to          D. ought to


6. _____ today, he would get there by Friday.

A. Would he leave    B. Was he leaving 

C. Were he to leave   D. If he leave


7. _________ to do the work, I should do it some other way.

    A. If were I         B. I were         C. Were I         D. Was I


8. Most probably Ally won’t come tomorrow. But if she______ I _____her to call you up at once.

A. should come, would ask   B. come, would have asked

    C. will come, will ask       D. is coming, should ask


9. If it ___ tomorrow, what would we do? 

A. rains          B. were to rain       C. would rain       D. rain 


10. If it ___ rain, we ___ get wet. 

   A. is to, should    B. were to, would     C. were going to, would  D. was going to, should 


11. If a better material ____, the strength of the part would have been increased. 

   A. had been used    B. had been using    C. being used    D. using 

【答案】A 本句考察虚拟语气。与过去事实相反的假设,从句应该用过去完成时;又因为material 是use 的宾语,应用被动式。

12. If you     that night, you might have been too late to get your ticket. 

A. didn't hurry    B. hadn't hurried       C. wouldn't hurry      D. hadn't to hurry

【答案】B 从给出的主句看,本句为虚拟语气,架设过去已发生的事情,因此从句用过去完成时。

13. With all this work on hand, she ______ to the dance party last night. 

   A. oughtn’t to go    B. hadn’t gone   C. shouldn’t have gone   D. mustn’t have gone

【答案】C 原句意思“她手头还有这么多工作,昨晚本不应去参加舞会”,对过去情况的虚拟用 “should have done”结构。

14. He abandoned a career that ___ to his becoming one of the most influential people in the world. 

A. could have led    B. would lead   C. should have led    D. must lead

【答案】A 本题考查情态动词表示虚拟语气的用法。与过去事实相反,是could/should have done,本可能/本应该做…(但实际没这样做)。因为是客观情况,不涉及是否应该,所以选择A could have done.

15. If we ____ here ten minutes earlier, we ___ the bus. 

A. arrived/would catch     B. arrived/would have caught   

C. had arrived/had caught   D. had arrived/would have caught 


16. ____ you were busy, I wouldn’t have bothered you with my questions. 

A.If I realized                      B. Had I realized

C.Did I have realized that             D. As I realized

【答案】B 本题考察的是与过去事实相反的虚拟语气.条件状语从句谓语动词用had +过去分词,主句谓语动词用,should/would/could/might +have + 过去分词.当省略if 时,条件从句中的had 提前. 句意是“如果我意识到你这么忙,我就不拿我的这些问题来打扰你了.”

17. ___, I should ask them some questions. 

A. Should they come to us     B. If they come to us 

C. Were they come to us      D. Had they come to us 

【答案】A 本题考查的是省略if的虚拟语气的用法。从句中的助动词had, were, should等要移至主语之前。如果他们来到我们身边,我会问他们一些问题。

18. Had the weather been good, the children ___ out for a walk. 

    A. had gone   B. could have gone   C. would go    D. went

【答案】B。当虚拟语气中含有were, had, should, would等词时, 可以省略if, 把这些词放在主语之前。Should I meet her, I would tell her.万一我见到他, 我会告诉他的。Were I in your position, I would do it better.如果我处在你的位置上, 我会做的更好。Had they made preparations, they would have succeeded.如果他们准备了的话, 他们应该能成功的。本句为和过去的事实相反的虚拟语气,因此选B。

19.  ___ today, he would get there for holiday. 

    A. Was he leaving   B. Were he to leave   C. Would he leave   D. If he leaves 


20.  We ___ our lives had it not been for the policeman. 

    A. would have lost   B. should lose       C. might lose       D. could have lost 


21. He was very busy yesterday; otherwise he______ to the meeting. 

   A. would have come   B. would come   C. could come       D. had come

【答案】A 本句考察虚拟语气。“如果他不是很忙的话,昨天就去开会了”,事实是他没有去开会,所以是与过去事实相反的假设,主句应该用过去将来完成时,因此选A项would have come.

22. Without your help, we ____ so much. 

A. didn’t achieve   B. would not have achieved   C. will not achieve   D. don’t achieve

【答案】B 本题考察的是虚拟语气. without your help = if you had not helped us,表示与过去事实相反,主句谓语动词用should/would/could/might + 动词原形.故选B. 句意是“如果不是你帮助我们,我们就不会取得这么大的成就.”

23. Something must have happened on their way here. Or they ___ by now. 

A. should have arrived   B. should arrive   C. would have arrived  D. would arrive

【答案】C。第一句是must+have +过去分词的结构,表示对过去事实的推测。The road is wet. It must have rained last night.路是湿的,昨晚上肯定下雨了。因此我们可以推断:这是一个和过去的事实相反的虚拟语气。should +have +过去分词的结构,表示对过去动作的责备、批评。如:You should have gone over your lessons.你应当把功课复习好的。但是此句只是一个表示和过去的事实相反的虚拟句子,并没有责备的意思。本句的意思是:“路上肯定出事了。否则,他们现在已经到了。”因此正确答案应该是C.

24. But for the rain, we ____ a nice holiday. 

A. should have    B. would have had   C. would have    D. will have had

【答案】B 这是含蓄条件句,表示“如果不……则我们已经……了”,故选B。but for:如果不是因为……,要不是……。句意为:如果不是因为下雨,我们本可以好好度假。Would have done 表示对过去事实的虚拟。

25. But for my classmates’ help, I ___the work in time. 

A. did not finish    B. could not finish     

C. will not finish    D. would not have finished 

【答案】D  此句是含有含蓄条件句“but for my classmate's help"的句子.因此要选择一个虚拟语气的句子。因为是和过去的事实相反,因此D为正确答案。本句的意思是:“要不是同学们的帮助.我是不会按时完成任务的

26. If you_____ that late movie last night, you wouldn’t be so sleepy. 

   A. hadn’t watched            B. haven’t watched

   C. wouldn’t have watched      D. didn’t watch

【答案】A 此题考察虚拟语气,假设“如果你昨晚没看那场电影”,事实是看了,因此句意与过去事实相反,用过去完成时。

27. If he ___ to the teacher attentively, he ___ the answer to the problem now. 

A.  had listened, would have known   B.  listened, would know  

C.  listened, would have known      D.  had listened, would know 


28. ---- I thought you would come back tomorrow. 

   ---- I would if I ___ to attend a meeting. 

   A.  don’t have  B.  didn’t have   C.  will not have   D.  would not have 


29. Had you listened to the doctor, you _____ all right now.

A. are    B. were    C. would be    D. would have been


30. It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I ________ in love, at the age of seven, with the Melinda Cox Library in my hometown. 

    A. wouldn't have fallen               B. had not fallen

    C. should fall                       D. were to fall

【答案】B。如果我没有在7岁的时候迷上Melinda Cox图书馆,很难想像我现在在做什么。

31. She says she’d rather he _____ tomorrow instead of today. 

A. leaves   B. left   C. leave    D. would leave 

【答案】B。考察虚拟语气,would rather后面宾语从句要用过去时,表示虚拟语气,此句描述将来

32. I’d ___ you didn’t touch that, if you don’t mind. 

A. rather    B. better    C. happier    D. further

【答案】A   I’d rather=I would rather:我宁愿……,后面接动词原形和从句。接从句时,从句谓语用一般过去时表示虚拟。better的类似用法时had better(do):最好……。C和D项与题意不符。

33. Peter wishes that he ___ law instead of literature when he was in college. 

A. could study    B. studied    C. had studied   D. would study 

【答案】C。wish 后面的宾语从句要使用虚拟语气,虚拟语气中时态类似在非真实条件从句中时态的应用——时态后移。与现在的事实相反(用过去时),I wish I were you .但愿我是你多好啊!与过去的事实相反的愿望(用过去完成时),I wish he hadn’t made the big mistake.他要是不犯那个大错误,该有多好!与将来的愿望相反即愿望难以实现(用过去将来时),I wish I could be of more use in the future.我希望我将来有点用处。

34. ---Did you see her off the day before yesterday? 

  ----No, but I wish I_____.

   A. were    B. did     C. had     D. would

【答案】C。本题考虚拟语气。事实他前天没有去,现在是他希望前天送了那个人,与过去事实相反,用had done。你前天有没有去送他?没有,我希望我送他了。

35. I didn’t go to the party, but I do wish I ___ there.

    A. were   B. would be   C. had been   D. will be

【答案】C。  wish 后面的宾语从句中要使用虚拟语气。与现在的事实相反(用过去时):主语+wish+从句(主语+过去时…)I wish I were you .但愿我是你多好啊!与过去的事实相反的愿望(用过去完成时):I wishe he hadn’t made the big mistake.他要是不犯那个大错误,该有多好!与将来的愿望相反即愿望难以实现(用过去将来时)I wish I could be of more use in the future.我希望我将来有点用处。

36. He recommended that John ______ with him.

A. must go    B. went        C. will go       D. go


37. The doctor’s advice was that the patient ____ at once. 

A. to be operated    B. being operated    C. be operated    D. operated 

【答案】C 本题考查虚拟语气,advise, insist等动词后是接that sb. (shoud) do sth. 不用加to或变为动名词, 其名词形式advice, insistence后面动词形式也一样。此题又是被动形式。所以直接为be operated。

38. His mother insisted that he ___ the coat when going out.

A. put on      B. puts on    C. to put     D. putting on 

【答案】A  insist:坚持做某事+宾语从句中的动词应该用(should)+do形式,表示虚拟。

39. He asked that it ______ done right away.

A. is       B. be         C. shall be       D. must be


40. We demand that atomic weapons ____ .

A. be prohibited   B. will be prohibited   C. are prohibited   D. ought to be prohibited


41. It is necessary that we ____ have a good command of English at college. 

   A. must    B. have to   C. should   D. ought to 

【答案】.C本句考察虚拟语气:It is necessary that sb. (should) do sth. 这是一个固定句型,表示“某人应当,必须作某事”。

42. I don’t think it advisable that Tom _____ to the job since he has no experience. 

   A. be assigned   B. is assigned   C. will be assigned   D. has been assigned

【答案】A “t advisable that......” 从句虚拟语气“should do”should可省略。

43. It’s desired that she ___ to teach us at least twice a week. 

A. comes    B. will come   C. come    D. may come

【答案】C 本题考查的是虚拟语气的用法。在suggest, ask, decide, desire等词表示建议,请求或命令的意思时,其后所跟的从句形式为should+动词原形,should可以省略。她被要求一周叫我们两次课。

44. It is highly desirable that a new president ___ for this university. 

A. is appointed    B. will be appointed   C. be appointed    D. has been appointed

【答案】C 本题考察的是主语从句的虚拟语气.其形式为:“It is +引起虚拟的形容词或过去分词 + that主语从句,谓语动词用动词原形或should +动词原形.这样的形容词还有:advisable, appropriate, insistent, vital, preferable,essential等. 句意是“强烈希望这个大学有个新的校长被任命.”

45. It was proposed that the matter ______ discussed at the next meeting.

A. would be   B. will be    C. was         D. be

【答案】D。有人提议说这个问题下次会议的时候再讨论。It is + 形容词(或过去分词)+ that... .的主语从句中,表示要求,建议,提议,命令,请求等,从句的谓语用“should(可省略) +原形动词(或完成式)构成”。

46. Her suggestion that everybody ___ was not appreciated. 

    A. sing a song    B. sang a song    C. sung a song    D. singing a song

【答案】A。本句测试虚拟语气在同位从句中的用法。在suggestion, proposal, request,order 等名词后面的表语从句和同位语从句中,用(should )+动词原形,表示虚拟,should常常省略。又如:My suggestion is that we (should) send a few people to help the other groups.我的建议是我们派几个人去帮助其他的小组。

47. The general’s command was that the soldiers ___ their fort and carry out more important tasks. 

A. would leave   B. leave   C. left   D. have left

【答案】B。本句测试虚拟语气在表语从句的用法。在suggestion, proposal, request,order 等名词后面的表语从句和同位语从句中,用“(should )+动词原形,表示虚拟,should常常省略。又如:My suggestion is that we (should) send a few people to help the other groups.我的建议是我们派几个人去帮助其他小组

48. My suggestion yesterday was that a meeting ______ to discuss the matter. 

A. should hold         B. must be held       C. would be held       D. be held

【答案】D此题考查的是虚拟语气。关键词在suggestion, 与suggest有关的形式都要与虚拟语气挂钩。会议是“被举行”,故用被动。

49. My idea is that we ______ the challenge.

  A. ought accept   B. will accept   C. accept   D. are accepted

【答案】C。我的想法是我们应该接受挑战。表示建议,要求,提议,命令,请求等意思有关的同位语从句和表语从句中,从句谓语用“should(可省略)+ 原形动词”,

50. Your advice that she ______ till next week is reasonable.

A. will wait   B. is going to wait   C. waits    D. wait


51. It’s high time we_______ something to stop traffic accident.

A do              B will do           C. did            D must do

【答案】C  It is high/about time 引导的句子中要求使用虚拟语气,谓语动词用过去式.句意是“我们该做些什么去停止交通事故.”

52. If only I _____ how to operate an electronic computer as you do. 

A. had known      B. would know      C. should know     D. knew 


53. Let’s finish our homework in a few seconds; it’s time we _____. 

A.played football  B. will play football  C. play football     D. are playing football 

【答案】A 本句考查1t is time that从句(谓语动词用过去时表示虚拟)。

54. He talks as if he ___ everything in the world. 

A. knows      B. knew    C. had known    D. would have known 

【答案】B    as if “似乎,好像”引导的从句表虚拟,与现在事实相反,从句中的动词用一般过去时表示虚拟,故选B。句意为:他讲起话来好像知道世界上所有的事一样。

55. Written applications should be sent to us in case ___ some problems with the electric version. 

A. there will be    B. there is    C. there be    D. there was 

【答案】C。in case 引导的从句要用虚拟语气,should +原形动词,should 可以省略。

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