S’pore retiree ordered to clear decade-old secret garden in Choa Chu Kang forest

S’pore retiree ordered to clear decade-old secret garden in Choa Chu Kang forest
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S’pore retiree ordered to clear decade-old secret garden in Choa Chu Kang forest

Singapore – The owner of a garden the size of a three-room flat located in Choa Chu Kang was ordered to clear the area by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

A 75-year-old retiree who wished to be known as Mr Goh was required by SLA to clear his secret garden, which has served as his hideaway for the past ten years, reported The New Paper (TNP) on Friday (Mar 26).

A hiker had stumbled upon the area and alerted SLA. After an inspection on Mar 19, Mr Goh was told to clear the site and vacate it by Apr 9.

“We have placed an advisory at the site requiring all items to be removed by Apr 9. Such cultivation constitutes a trespass offence under the State Lands Encroachment Act,” said an SLA representative to TNP.

“I visit the garden almost every day, especially in the morning after I take my grandson to school. My wife joins me on the weekends. It is a quick bike ride, and I am there in 30 minutes,” shared Mr Goh, who was an avid gardener.

The report noted it was his retirement dream to set up a small space for gardening. Mr Goh’s secret garden is located about five kilometres from his flat in Choa Chu Kang and approximately two-and-a-half kilometres from the main road.

“I have no place to do gardening at home, so I built a small garden and a makeshift shelter years ago. I have grown bananas, mangoes, papayas and even some herbs,” said Mr Goh to TNP.

“I would rather have this hobby than sit in a coffee shop all day doing nothing.”

Mr Goh’s daughter, who runs a home-based business, understands the basis for SLA’s order to vacate the area. “After all, he is using state land,” she said.

“But I also feel sad because he told me this is the retirement life he has always wanted, and he doesn’t know what to do after this. It breaks my heart to see him upset.”

She revealed that Mr Goh had applied for an allotment garden plot under the National Parks Board’s Allotment (NParks) Gardening Scheme in 2020 but was waitlisted.

“I am sad, but I have no choice. I will try to ask (SLA) for an extension because I just planted seeds for new herbs and want them to grow before I leave the place,” added Mr Goh.

In response to the news, a member of the public, Jimmy Tan, took to Facebook to note that he had submitted feedback to the relevant authorities through the One Service app.

“Hindering the retiree from his gardening hobby goes against our advocacy for active ageing,” said Mr Tan. “In traditional societies, the elders are respected for their wisdom and experience. SLA or NParks should hire him to teach our young generation how to cultivate the land for self-sufficiency to ensure food security.”

Others noted that the relevant authorities should be “more compassionate” about Mr Goh’s situation and should offer him a suitable place where he could continue his passion for gardening./TISG


新加坡–新加坡土地管理局(SLA)责令拥有位于Choa Chu Kang的三居室公寓大小的花园所有者来清理该区域。





报告指出,他的退休梦想是建立一个小的园艺空间。Goh先生的秘密花园距离Choa Chu Kang的公寓约五公里,距离主干道约两分半公里。







对此消息作出回应的是,一名市民吉米·谭(Jimmy Tan)前往Facebook指出,他已通过One Service应用程序向相关当局提交了反馈。

谭先生说:“从他的园艺爱好中阻碍退休人员,这与我们提倡积极老龄化背道而驰。” “在传统社会中,长者的智慧和经验受到尊重。SLA或NParks应该雇用他来教我们的年轻一代如何耕种土地以实现自给自足,以确保粮食安全。”


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