Meet sumichu, your ONE Esports Singapore Major co-host

Meet sumichu, your ONE Esports Singapore Major co-host
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Meet sumichu, your ONE Esports Singapore Major co-host

Dota fans will be introduced to a new face at the ONE Esports Singapore Major, as Kasumi “sumichu” Yogi will be co-hosting the tournament with long-time Dota host, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden.

Making her debut on the Dota 2 scene, sumichu is a freelance host and commentator who has a long history in esports, having hosted tournaments for League of Legends, Starcraft II, and most prominently, EVO Japan in 2018 and 2019.

sumichu is also currently the director of Games Done Quick, a semi-annual event known for its incredible speedrun video game marathons to raise money for charity. The nine-year-old organization has teamed up with charities like including Doctors Without Borders, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Organization for Autism Research, and the AbleGamers Foundation, among many others.

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She also caught Valve’s attention after hosting the Steam Game Festival, which made her the perfect co-host for the Singapore Major, especially since she has a passion for Dota 2.

“I’ve played the game for several years now,” she told ONE Esports. “I guess it was just good timing and things just fell into place. And here I am, in Singapore, and I feel very, very grateful for this opportunity.”

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sumichu usually favors the support role when playing Dota 2, but she can hard carry if needed. Her favorite hero? Rubick! She also loves Snapfire and will sneak in the occasional Tiny.

While sumichu is based in the US, she’s looking forward to seeing teams from other regions compete at the Singapore Major.

“I’m very familiar with North American Dota because that’s my region,” she said. “But there’s a lot of talent around the world. There’s a lot of really talented Dota players and I really want to be able to highlight them in a way they truly deserve.”

As for which team she’s rooting for?

“I wanna see Evil Geniuses do well!” sumichu said. “But I’m really just looking forward to just watching some good Dota. It’s been such a long time since anyone’s seen LAN Dota. I’m just excited to kickstart this again.

认识您的ONE Esports Singapore Major共同主持人sumichu

Dota粉丝将在ONE Esports Singapore Major上崭露头角,Kasumi“ sumichu” Yogi将与Dota的长期主持人Jorien“ Sheever” van der Heijden共同举办比赛。

sumichu在Dota 2现场首次亮相,是一位自由职业主持人和评论员,在电子竞技领域拥有悠久的历史,曾在2018年和2019年举办过英雄联盟,星际争霸II以及最著名的EVO日本锦标赛。

sumichu目前还担任游戏快速完成(Games Done Quick)的总监,该游戏每半年举办一次,以其令人难以置信的speedrun视频游戏马拉松而闻名,旨在为慈善事业筹款。这个拥有9年历史的组织与包括无国界医生组织,预防癌症基金会,自闭症研究组织和AbleGamers基金会在内的慈善机构合作。

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在举办Steam游戏节后,她也引起了Valve的注意,这使她成为新加坡少校的理想联合主持人,特别是因为她对Dota 2充满热情。

“我已经玩了几年游戏了,”她告诉《 ONE Esports》。“我想那是个好时机,事情就到位了。我在这里,在新加坡,我非常非常感谢这次机会。”

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sumichu通常在玩Dota 2时更喜欢扮演支持角色,但是如果需要的话,她可以硬着头。她最喜欢的英雄?鲁比克!她还喜欢Snapfire,偶尔也会偷偷溜进Tiny。


她说:“我对北美Dota非常熟悉,因为那是我所在的地区。” “但是全世界有很多人才。有很多非常有才华的Dota选手,我真的希望能够以他们真正应得的方式来突出他们。”


“我想看看邪恶的天才们做得好!” sumichu说。“但是我真的很期待看一些好的Dota。自从有人见过LAN Dota以来已经有很长时间了。我很高兴再次开始这项工作。

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