Flash Coffee plans to open more than 100 stores in Singapore

Flash Coffee plans to open more than 100 stores in Singapore
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Flash Coffee plans to open more than 100 stores in Singapore

Singapore may be a small country, but there’s always space for new cafes to pop up. 

Singapore-based startup Flash Coffee has big plans to grow roots in the country and the region after raising US$15 million in funding, including its intention to open more than 100 stores across the sunny island. 

Led by CEO David Brunier and COO Sebastien Hannecker, the tech-driven chain already has four outlets here, including one at Oxley Tower and another at Changi City Point, where customers order their drinks through an app and pick them up in stores.  

“Our aim is to make our affordable specialty coffee largely available in Singapore. In order to build a strong store network to support quick access for pick-ups and fast delivery options for our customers, we are planning to build more than 100 outlets in Singapore until end of 2022,” Brunier told Coconuts recently. 

There’s a wide range of coffees to choose from on its menu, including Melaka Latte, which contains Singapore’s favourite palm sugar with espresso and milk, as well as Nutella Latte, Avo Latte, and Lychee Espresso Soda. There is also the traditional flat white, cappuccino, and mocha fit for coffee conservatives.

a store front at night: Flash Coffee outlet at One Raffles Place. Photo: Flash Coffee© Provided by Coconuts Flash Coffee outlet at One Raffles Place. Photo: Flash Coffee

The funding recently raised by the company, which launched in January 2020, was backed by investment firm White Star Capital, according to an announcement last week, bringing their total capital raised to US$20 million, which will be used to fuel expansion in the region, including in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Dozens of stores have already opened in Indonesia and Thailand. 

It is also looking to hire about 1,500 baristas across Asia, as well as over 200 full-time employees for its head offices across Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Flash Coffee计划在新加坡开设100多家商店


总部位于新加坡的初创公司Flash Coffee在筹集了1500万美元的资金后,制定了在该国和该地区扎根的宏伟计划,其中包括打算在阳光明媚的岛屿上开设100多家商店。 

在首席执行官大卫·布鲁尼尔(David Brunier)和首席运营官塞巴斯蒂安·汉纳克(Sebastien Hannecker)的带领下,这家由技术驱动的连锁店已经在这里拥有四家分店,其中一家在Oxley Tower,另一家在樟宜城角(Changi City Point),顾客可以通过应用程序订购饮品并在商店取货。  

“我们的目标是使我们的负担得起的特色咖啡在新加坡大量销售。为了建立一个强大的门店网络,以支持皮卡和我们的客户快速交货的选项快速访问,我们计划在新加坡建立100多个网点,直到2022年底,” Brunier告诉椰子最近。 

菜单上有多种咖啡可供选择,包括马六甲拿铁(Melaka Latte),其中含有新加坡最喜欢的棕榈糖,意式浓缩咖啡和牛奶,以及Nutella Latte,Avo Latte和Lychee Espresso Soda。还有适合咖啡保守派人士使用的传统纯白色,卡布奇诺咖啡和摩卡咖啡。

晚上的商店前:One Raffles Place的Flash Coffee出口。 照片:Flash Coffee©由 莱佛士坊一号的Coconuts Flash Coffee出口提供。照片:Flash Coffee

该公司最近于2020年1月启动的融资,得到了投资公司White Star Capital的支持,根据上周的一项公告,其总募集资金达到2000万美元,将用于推动该地区的扩张,包括香港,台湾,马来西亚和菲律宾。在印度尼西亚和泰国已经开设了数十家商店。 


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