Have you recently spent the entire night sitting beside your phone, waiting for the guy of your dreams to call you back like he promised?

I’ve been there myself, and it’s one of the most heart-breaking things you can ever go through.

You put in all this effort to make yourself available for a romantic and loving relationship.

You bought the gorgeous outfits, rocked his world in the sack, and even went out of your way to take a real interest in the things he likes.

And yet, after all of that, he doesn’t even take the time to dial your number!

Rejection hurts.

When your man doesn’t call you, what he’s really saying is “I don’t care about you enough to see how you’re feeling”.

It’s one thing if your man is simply a forgetful person who doesn’t follow on his word…

Yet it’s an entirely different story if he’s seeing another woman behind your back!

Until today, there was never a good way to figure out where your man goes and who he talks to without being an obsessive stalker.

But thanks to leaps in technology, it only takes seconds to figure out the truth with a trusted background check done on the Internet.

You can look through his social media and dating profiles, see who’s sending him those mysterious text messages that he doesn’t want to see…And a lot more!

Once you do a background check and know for SURE that you’re the only woman in his life…

   How to Find Out He's Cheating (3 Effective Ways)

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It’s time to know what NOT to do if you want to know what’s really going on, and keep your dream guy in your life.

Once you're ruled out that he's not seeing someone else, it's time to move onto the next steps which I outline below.

Below are some things that you should and shouldn't do if your man has stopped calling.

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How To Get A Guy To Text You Back

Before you follow these tips, make sure you ask yourself if you want to get texted back. Having to jump through these hoops for a guy is something you want to think about twice before you do it.

1. Do Not Call Or Text Him

Do Not Call Or Text Him

This is one that so many of us fail because it is probably the harder thing that you shouldn't do if he has stopped calling. I understand that all what you want at the moment is answers which is why you may call or text him and not just once but repeatedly.

This is actually probably the worst thing you can do for the relationship. You must try with all your might to not call or text him...stay strong! If you repeatedly text or call him, you will be the one chasing him and that game is lost on him. Men naturally want to be the ones who chase and so give him the opportunity to do so.

If you stop texting or calling him too then it might make him come back to you as there is a bit of a chase. If he doesn't then believe me, he isn't worth chasing...its time to move on.

2. Do Not Wait By The Phone

Do Not Wait By The Phone

Now just because I have said that he may contact you after you have stopped texting or calling him doesn't mean that you should wait by the phone. This is a waiting game you do not want to play.Why not go out with your girlfriends and have fun. You never know, you might actually meet someone better.

Just imagine these two scenarios:

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You are waiting by the phone when your man calls. Because you have been waiting by the phone, you end up picking it up before the first ring has even finished.

You are out with your girlfriends when your man calls. Because you are out, he has to leave a voicemail because you haven't answered.

Which out of these do you think looks the least desperate? Any man likes a women who is independent and can have fun which is what exactly you should be doing and not for them but for yourself.

3. Do Not Let It Play On Your Mind

Do Not Let It Play On Your Mind

Just as you shouldn't be waiting by the phone, you shouldn't let it play on your mind. It can drive you mad trying to think of the reason why he has stopped calling. There could be millions of different reasons. He might have lost interest, he might have met someone else, he may be scared of relationships, he could have lost his phone and all his contacts, or he could be ill.

The reasons why he has stopped calling are endless which is why you shouldn't worry too much about it and wrack t around your brain over and over. Even more so, do not blame yourself for him stopping calling. I have seen many women who believe that it was their fault that their men have stopped calling.

The problem lies with the man as it is him or has stopped calling or texting so do not ever blame yourself.

4. Don’t Stalk His Social Profiles

Don’t Stalk His Social Profiles

Social media has made it unbelievably possible to stalk people and when a guy you are dating stops calling, it is so very tempting to almost obsessively check his social media profiles to see what he is doing.

One of my girlfriends is an absolute nightmare with social media. She is in a bit of a rocky relationship where they are happy as Larry one minute and the next they have broken up for good. It really is hard to keep up. Her man tends to hold a grudge far longer than anyone I have ever known and actually stopped talking her to 3 months once.

During this time she was obsessive about his social media. She would drive herself insane by guessing what he was doing from the statuses he posted. This was crazy unhealthy and so I told her that the best thing she could was to look after herself.

5. Ask His Friends Or Family About Him

Ask His Friends Or Family About Him

As the same with calling or texting him, you also don't want to speak to friends or family to ask where he is and what he is doing. They will inevitably feedback to him and he will know that you are chasing which is what you don't want.

Only really talk to his friends and family if they initiate the conversation but even then do not ask about him or what he has been doing. This is because they will still feedback to him and it will still look like you are chasing him. If his friends or family initiate conversation then tell them how well you're doing and ask about them not him.

If they end up talking to him about you then it will be on a much more positive note and they will tell him how you're getting on rather than the other way around. This may even make him feel that he has lost something good.


What Does It Mean When A Man Stops Calling You?

If a man has stopped calling you, he may have lost interest in your relationship. If he has stopped calling you suddenly when he usually calls you all of them time then he likely is either annoyed at you and needs some space, or he is no longer interested in putting an effort into your relationship.

What To Do If He Stops Calling And Texting?

If he has stopped calling or texting you then he may have lost interest in you and your relationship. If this is the case there is likely nothing that you can do to force him to change his mind. Give him time and space to figure out what he is feeling and if he doesn’t call you again then it is time to move on from him.

What To Do When He Goes Silent?

If a guy goes silent for you then make sure that you don’t act too desperate. If he has gone silent he is either playing games with your mind or he has lost interest in your relationship. Give him time to figure out what he wants and if he doesn’t come back to you then it probably wasn’t meant to be anyway.

How Long Should A Guy Wait To Call?

If you have already called or texted a guy once then make sure you don’t appear needy or desperate by texting or calling him again. If he needs space and time to think then give it to him, there is no point forcing him into anything. If he doesn’t call you back then he probably isn’t the right guy for you.

Should I Answer His Call After He Ignored Me?

If he has ignored you then it is up to you whether you want to answer his call or not. If you want to answer his call and hear what he has to say to you, then give him the chance to apologise to you and you can decide how you want to move on from there.

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