Soon the U.S. election is over, and I'm optimistic about the current president trump and will be re elected. Because he is really amazing, Democratic candidate Biden, has no ability to call him.

The onlookers see clearly.

We are on the other side of the ocean, and we can naturally calmly look at the political situation of the United States and make reasonable assumptions. But politics is not the product of reason and logic, its essence is the distribution of resources, and the bottom is the comparison and contest of various forces. Either the east wind is the east wind over the west wind, or the west wind is the east wind.

The election of the president of the United States is a state win and a winner, not by absolute number. So, polls are not enough to be used as a basis. Biden poll results are better than trump, but the last Hillary Clinton poll has a good data and also suffered a terrible defeat.

This is the specific operation:

In any state, if you win, all the votes in the state will be attributed to the winning candidate. Basically, the winning and losing decisions are in several swing states, neutral states, and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can cover the sky with their hands. The election campaign also took place in these States, and the two sides will have intensive exchanges and tour performances.

In terms of data, only about 20 percent of the people who really voted for the president of the United States. Excluding people who do not have the right to vote, this is also very low, not a real universal election. That is, at least half of Americans are not involved in politics and are not concerned about their own. Because no matter who is elected, their fate will not change, and this part of the people are often the bottom people.

The life of the bottom American people is relatively tragic, but they are supported by cheap products from all over the world, and they live well“ Poor people "line up for relief food? In absolute terms, this is already rich compared to the poor in Africa. On the other hand, it makes a large number of "instant happiness" products, such as entertainment, pornography, online games, so that the poor in the United States do not want to be enterprising and happy.

The political pattern of the United States, after the emergence of the Internet, began to change differently. Traditional media gradually declined, instead of network media, and even later social media. Now, most people get information through the Internet. This gives some people the opportunity to manipulate American politics with new technology.

Google, for example, can get your political inclination or vote will when you search trump or Biden. If Biden invested a huge amount of advertising money, or secretly entered into a deal with Google big guys, he could intervene in search results, present information that would be good for Biden or unfavorable to trump.

These network giants repeatedly conduct a/b tests, and push different content to different users, even if you search for the same thing, to achieve the goal of satisfying or manipulating users. That is to say, you think you know the truth, in fact, is the "truth" that the Internet giant wants you to think. By controlling the source of information over and over for a long time, Americans can naturally form a political tendency or have a certain preference for candidates.

For example, in 2017, the U.S. Congress launched an investigation on "Russia intervened in the 2016 US presidential election using Facebook social media platform" and impeached trump with "tongrussia gate". It is very easy to guide public opinion through social networks and control voters' preferences.

Trump is amazing, and it's very sensitive to social networks. When he took office, he immediately renovated the big internet giants and made the most of the social networks to serve himself. In recent years, basically, the American network giants have been obedient to trump, dare to be angry and dare not to speak, and can only cooperate honestly.

But tiktok is different, and its appearance has broken the original rules of political game in the United States. Trump's real reason for tiktok is not because of the "Chinese element" behind it, but because it is a troublemaker, completely out of line with the rules of American political games. The banner of "national security" is only a plan of one stone and two birds. It can not only serve as an example, but also frustrate China's sharpness and even make some benefits. At the core, however, it controls the influence of public opinion on social networks.

This is the consensus of the American political system, both Democrats and Republicans have seen the explosive power of social media in the Arab spring. As a short video carrier, tiktok has a more explosive communication attribute than traditional social media. Its audience is mainly the bottom people and young people in the United States. These people are characterized by ignorance, ignorance, indifference or youthful, inflammatory, and easily contagious emotions. It's not impossible to make a good spring in America.

Tiktok has no problems with technology, it is not the issue of data and user privacy at all. The American political class does not care about the interests of the people at all. They only care about their own interests, so tiktok has to die. The acquisition is just a cover. In the end, they want it, it's just a "political clean" entertainment tool.

Trump is particularly clear about that. And neither the Democratic Party nor other American political classes can oppose it, but will only strongly support it. Unfortunately, Zhang Yiming, a skilled man, did not understand it and had a false illusion of American politics. The United States has never had real freedom of speech, so-called freedom must not shake the foundation of American rule.

Both Democrats and Republicans have a lot of problems and problems. So, although you spray me, I spray you, but they will not hit the ball, only point to the end. If you really tear your face, it's just worse.

Therefore, the presidential election in the United States has always been performance, who can see who is more capable of performing, who has more charm and who can please the audience. As for policy, they are half a dozen, not too different, behind which are the old opponents of think tanks. As for attacks, we all talk about the other side's small flaws. Let's attack people and die together with real cases.

Trump is far better than Biden in terms of external charm and performance. The presidents of the United States have been basically good people with excellent speech skills, who are of the best eloquence and are also tall and handsome. But in terms of real ability, it is not necessarily better than competitors. For the entire American political system, the president is just a spokesman for political groups on the table, not a real speaker.

Trump is a different president, especially true. What he did was a real little man. He broke the long-standing fantasy of the United States, tore up the disguise of the United States, and restored the real America.

In fact, he doesn't have to. He will continue to work for several years according to his old road, so that the deeper the United States is trapped in the mire, the mess will be handed over to the next solution. He was out of the ordinary and did a lot of things beyond American political practice, which is the root cause why he got a lot of support.

The essence of American politics is the politics of fiscal valve, and the government policy is the embodiment of the will of the financial valve. Without enough support, trump could not have done anything. The attack on trump comes from the financial valves whose interests are damaged. The final result, must be compromise, until now, will not really let those financial valves hurt the spirit.

It's trump's amazing place, traveling between the parties, always having magical ways to turn disadvantage into good. This is inseparable from his years of business experience, with strong negotiation ability and keen insight. The traditional president and politician of the United States are all old-fashioned, and there is not much new things. Perhaps it was that that the financial valves were so striking that they decided to bet on trump.

What the United States needs is not Biden's old cliche, but a leader who can mobilize the mood of the American people. There is no more suitable president for the United States, it can be said.

Rather than that, the current US dilemma is caused by trump, it is better to say that the troubled United States happened to be in office, and the problem happened seriously.

Americans have always disliked Perfect Heroes. Those with many shortcomings are the favorite heroes of the United States. Otherwise, you watch Hollywood movies, and the most popular characters are all the guys who have a little bit of a stink and some flaws, who can make "reckless" decisions at critical times. For example, the iron man of the prodigan is more popular than the good sir, the American captain, because he is a "normal man".

In such a difficult situation, trump can still hold the situation, keep the United States from collapse, and the tricks are repeated, which means that this person is amazing. Although the plot is not necessarily his own, but can use the plan, dare to use the plan, kill decisive, must say is really powerful.

For example, he used the "exit from the World Health Organization" approach to attract months of fire. But in fact, the State Department and the United Nations said on July 7 that the notice of withdrawal was sent to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Guterres, on July 6. And the real exit date is one year later - effective July 6 2021, when trump is re elected and can easily overturn the decision. Without the effort of effortless effort, the United States was relieved of its responsibility by a large part.

Don't doubt the sophistication of this approach, and how many Americans are calling for cutting off who funding, although it's a unwise decision. Like our country, if we stop supporting Africa, there are many people who are not sure how many people with no truth clap to cheer up.

Americans generally have not much reason to say. After all, they do not accept the education of dialectical materialism, will not liberate their minds and seek truth from facts. Their style of action is mostly determined by faith, belief or so-called logic. American people have "talked about red change" in their bones, and they can't avoid Marxism and Mao Zedong thought. We can't think about the American brain circuit with our own ideas.

Trump must use his emotions to do a wave of things and get support. His "attack on China" series is for this purpose. At this time, I still have a family. Then we must not make a common door?

Trump, it's amazing.


































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