Israeli spyware scandal ferments NSO Group denies \"target list\"

Israeli spyware scandal ferments NSO Group denies \"target list\"
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Israeli spyware scandal ferments NSO Group denies "target list"

   Chinanews, July 22nd. According to a comprehensive report, the Israeli spyware "Pegasus" scandal continues to ferment. The identities of more subjects that may be subject to surveillance were disclosed, but at the same time, Shalev Julio, CEO of the NSO Group that sold the software, denied that the previously exposed "target list" was related to the company, saying that it created The platform is a "platform that saves lives and prevents terrorist attacks."

Data map: French President Macron. Data map: French President Macron.

   The phone number is monitored?

  The French President ordered an investigation

   The French newspaper Le Monde pointed out on the 20th that one of the phone numbers frequently used by French President Macron since 2017 is in the list of potential network monitoring numbers of the Moroccan intelligence service. The French Presidential Palace stated that if the report is true, the situation is very serious.

   According to French media, former French Prime Minister Philip and 14 ministers were also targets of surveillance in 2019. The report emphasized that they could not access Macron's cell phone, so it was impossible to confirm whether his cell phone was monitored, but it can be verified that the phone of the former French Minister of the Environment Drougi and others were indeed monitored.

   On the 20th, French prosecutors filed an investigation against the local investigative news website Mediaport and two of its reporters suspected of being monitored by the "Pegasus" software. The written statement of the Paris prosecutors department did not mention Morocco, only that the prosecution conducted an investigation after receiving complaints from the website and its reporters. The Moroccan government denied it was a customer of Pegasus.

   French Prime Minister Castay stated that President Macron ordered a series of investigations after media reports that his phone number might be monitored.

   He emphasized that it would be irresponsible to talk about any reaction from Paris until the situation is unclear and the facts are not ascertained.

NSO Group is located in an office building in Israel. NSO Group is located in an office building in Israel.

  The mobile phones of the presidents of South Africa and Iraq were also invaded?

   Chief Executive Officer of NSO: No target list

   At the same time, the US media disclosed more of the identities of objects that may be monitored.

According to a list of 50,000 mobile phone numbers originally leaked to the French non-profit journalist organization "forbidden stories" and Amnesty International, in addition to Macron, the subjects that may be monitored are the King Mohammed VI of Morocco, South African President Ramaphosa, Iraqi President Saleh, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Egyptian Prime Minister Madbouli and Moroccan Prime Minister Osmani.

   However, NSO Group co-founder and CEO Shalev Hulio (Shalev Hulio) responded that the numbers on the monitoring list have nothing to do with his company, "NSO has no target list."

   According to the Times of Israel, Julio said, “The platform we have created is a platform to save lives and prevent terrorist attacks. This needs to be understood.”

   "We have made some decisions similar to the NSO Group's charter, and these decisions have always been with us. First, we only sell to the government, not to individuals or organizations," he said. "The second decision is that we will not sell to every government, because some governments should not have this tool."

   Julio claims that in the past 11 years, the company has sold services to 45 countries and has refused to pay for software sold in about 90 countries. In addition, the NSO Group has stopped using its software in five countries after discovering that some countries have abused the system.

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