Biden defends himself: China and Russia are willing to continue the US military presence in Afghanistan

Biden defends himself: China and Russia are willing to continue the US military presence in Afghanistan
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Biden defends himself: China and Russia are willing to continue the US military presence in Afghanistan

   At 3:45 pm local time on August 16, US President Biden delivered a national speech from the White House. This is the first time Biden has spoken out since the Afghan Taliban entered Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

   In the past few days, Atta’s advancing speed has even surpassed the news update speed of the global media. In the face of the Afghan government forces that had almost no intention of fighting after the United States withdrew, Atta basically returned to the capital without any blood. Biden also hurriedly ended his vacation at Camp David Resort and returned to Washington, DC amid criticism.

   In his speech, Biden admitted that "things are progressing faster than expected," but insisted on defending his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He aimed his finger at an agreement reached between former President Trump and the Taliban, and was extremely disappointed with Afghan President Ghani. It is worth noting that Biden admitted that “the mission of the United States in Afghanistan has never been nation-building.” In addition, Biden also mentioned that the United States’ “strategic competitors”-China and Russia, would be happy to see the United States continue to do so. Afghan garrison.

Biden delivered a national speech Biden delivered a national speech

   "I firmly support (Stand squarely) my decision. After 20 years, I learned after experiencing difficulties that there has never been a good time for the US military to withdraw from Afghanistan." Biden delivered a speech to the country in the East Wing of the White House.

   Biden admitted, "In fact, things unfolded faster than we expected." In less than two weeks, the Taliban had taken 647,500 square kilometers of land across Afghanistan. "I am the President of the United States of America, and the problem stops with me (the responsibility lies with me)." Biden quoted Truman's famous quote.

   Biden said that he knew his decision would be criticized, but he would rather accept criticism than pass the responsibility to the next president.

   Biden continues to defend his withdrawal decision. "The U.S. military cannot and should not fight a war that the Arabs are unwilling to fight. We have given them various opportunities to determine their own future, but what we cannot give them is the belief in fighting for the future."

   Biden declared that "our strategic competitors-China and Russia" would be particularly happy to see the United States continue to send billions of dollars to Afghanistan to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan.

   Biden admitted that the mission of the United States in invading Afghanistan 20 years ago was not to help Afghanistan build a nation. "About 20 years ago, we went to Afghanistan with a clear goal, caught those who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and ensured that al-Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base to attack us again."

  Biden called these goals the United States "achieved." "The mission of the United States in Afghanistan should never be nation building, and it should never be to build a unified, centralized democracy. Our core national interest in Afghanistan has always been the same: preventing terrorist attacks on the United States."

   Biden aimed at former President Trump. "When I took office, I inherited an agreement reached between Trump and the Taliban. Under this agreement, the United States will withdraw its troops before May 1, 2021 - that is, within three months after I took office."

   Then Biden said, “During the Trump administration, the US military presence in Afghanistan has been reduced from approximately 15,500 US troops to 2,500, and the Taliban has reached the peak of its military strength since 2001.”

   Biden directly expressed his dissatisfaction with Gani who let the city escape. Biden recalled that when he met Ghani at the White House in June, the two frankly talked about how Afghanistan should prepare for a civil war after the U.S. withdrawal, and how to clean up government corruption. "But they did nothing. They all failed." Biden said.

   Biden also stated that he proposed to reach a political settlement with the Taliban through diplomatic means, but his proposal was flatly rejected. "Ghani insisted that the Afghan government forces would fight, but he was obviously wrong."

   Biden said that even after the withdrawal of troops, the United States will continue to fight terrorism in Afghanistan.

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