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1.A.best   B.beside   C.busy   D.person

2.A.gold   B.color    C.cold   D.old

3.A.again  B.apple   C.about   D.ago

4.A.now   B.know   C.cow    D.how

5.A.high   B.enough  C.laugh  D.cough




6.On the table is my book;________is over there.


B. you

C. mine

D. yours

7.—Would you like to have more rice?


A.Not at all

B.No,thanks. I'm full

C.You are welcome

D.OK, here you are

8.My uncle lives in____special home for____elderly.



C. the;an


9.Could you please______why you are so late today?



C.to explain


10. Harry Potter is the most interesting book______have ever read.



C. who

D. where

11.Bill is not in the office. He________to the library an hour ago.


B. has gone

C. Would go

D.has been

12.______your eating habits is the best way to lose weight.

A.To have changed 

B. Change

C. Changing

D.Being changed

13.The letters______on your desk yesterday, but you didn't read them at all.

A. were put

B.being put


D.have put

14. Go straight forward and you_____the shop on your right.

A.would see

B.will see

C. have seen


15.After a heated discussion, they finally agreed on the price______the new car.

A. to


C. for


16. My brother worked_______than any other member in his team and got the first prize.





17.You can invite Tom to the party,________please don't ask that friend of his.


B. for



18.We will go out for a picnic_____it doesn't rain tomorrow.



C. that


19.Someone is knocking at the door , but whom can_______be?





20.The baby usually______three times a night.

A.has woken up

B. is waking up

C.will wake up

D.wakes up


The tallest building in America's capital city is the Washinoton Monument(纪念碑). It is  21  for George Washington,the first president of the United States.He  22  the American colonies(殖民地)in the War of Independence(独立)against England from 1775 to 1783. As president, he  23  the new United States of America through its first difficult  24 .

The monument is one of the most popular  25  in the world. Lights shine on it at night. It can usually be  26  from far away.

George Washington was born in 1732. He  27  school for only about seven or eight years. At age 20 he  28  an officer in the colonial army.  29 ,as time passed, he became angry with the way England  30  the American colonies. The war against Britain 31 in 1775. The Americans named George Washington chief of the revolutionary armies.

Many of his soldiers were not trained, and they were  32  equipped(装备).During one winter of the Revolutionary War, his soldiers  33  froze to death. But General Washington led them to  34 . The last group of British soldiers left the colonies in 1783. In 1789,he was 35 as the first president of the United States.

21. A.covered  B.named  C. taken  D.acted

22.A. pushed  B. followed  C. led  D.separated

23.A. passed  B.showed  C. advised  D.helped

24.A.century  B. battles  C. thing   D.years

25. A. places  B. gardens  C.ways  D.stations

26. A. seen  B.realized  C.shar  D.developed

27.A.attended  B.missed  C.escaped  D.changed

28. A.caught  B.knew  C.met  D.became

29. A. Therefore  B. However  C. Otherwise  D.Besides

30. A. ruled  B. destroyed  C.defeated  D.attacked

31. A. broke  B. started  C. declared  D.spread

32.A. fully  B.specially  C. poorly  D.suitably

33.A.really  B.almost  C.hardly  D.still

34.A. failure  B.trouble  C.victory  D.pleasure

35.A.called  B.armed  C.chosen  D.recognized


Effective teamwork is key to the succees of a business. Teamwork helps tasks get completed quickly and efficiently(高效地)However poor teamwork can hinder a business’ success and make operations much more difficult. Four parts of teamwork can make effective and lead to business success.

Effective Communication(沟通)

Without effective communication a team will be weak. When a team has open and honest

communication. a lot more will he achieved,Communication makes sure that everyone listens to one another's ideas and will help them express their thoughts and feelings.Good communication also helps put together a clear plan of action.

Different Skills

The way the team is made up of plays a major role in how well the group works as a team. It is

necessary that people with different skills be paired together so that they can make use of one another's knowledge and skills. For example,in a team,there should be a few people who are good at planning, one or two key leaders and several experts in various subjects.

Strong Leadership

Leadership is important in a team. A leader is needed to settle disagreements, set goals and keep

the team on track. A good leader can lead without being bossy,achieve goals by encouraging the team and stepping in when necessary, and make suggestions for improvements.


A team without passion will get nowhere. If any member of the team does not have the passion to get the job done and do it well, he or she will become less and less interested in the duties and bring the rest of the team down.

36.Efficient teamwork can help a business to

A.complete tasks quickly

B. make operations difficult

C. improve communication gradually 

D.achieve leadership faster

37.The word "hinder" in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A.lead to

B.help with

C.change with

D.hold back

38.Which of the following would help make a clear plan of action?

A. Effective communication.

B.A good leader without being bossy.

C. A team with passion.

D.People with different skills paired together.

39. What is a must for every member of the team?


B.Different skills. 

C. Various knowledge. 

D. Passion.


Most 11-year-olds are just happy to have finished their year of middle school. However, Tom is not like most kid He did not go to elementary(小学),middle or high school but went straight to college at the young age of eight.

While Tom's parents knew he was smart,they had never imagined putting him in college this young. However. when they tried to send him to a private(私立的)school at the age of six, he was turned down .because he was so smart that the school was afraid he would feel dull.

It turns out the school was right.After homeschooling the young boy for two years,the parents realized that he was ready for some high-level courses. They came to East Los Angeles College , who agreed to take him in However, until he proved himself ,he could take only two courses—math and music.

Tom did not disappoint He got A’s in both and hasn’t looked hack since,Last week, he graduated as a top student.In fact the young boy was so smart that he helped his fellow math students,some of whom were 10 years older than him.

While the world may cheer him as a genius(天才),his parents think he is just a normal boy who

plays football and watches movies for children.

40. How is om different from most kids of his age?

A. He was taken in by a college at 8. 

B. He was sent to high school at 8.

C. He went to middle school at 11.

D. He graduated from high school at 11.

41. The phrase "turned down" in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to

A. accepted 




42. What did the parents do to Tom for two years before he went to college?

A.They sent him to a school in Los Angeles.

B. They let him attend music programs.

C.They hired a math teacher for him.

D. They taught him at home.


Nowadays everyone is so much trying to keep fit that sometimes they miss the fact there are times when they should not be exercising at all. Here you can find real reasons to stop training for a while and do not feel sorry for your laziness.

When you are ill

Do not exercise if you are not feeling well, even if it is just a cold. Workout can hurt your immune system(免疫系统) and lengthen illness. As a result,you will spend more time away from the physical activity. Training while being ill is also a main cause of other injuries since it is more difficult to focus on(专心于) what you are doing when you feel bad.

When you have not had enough recovering time

Do not rush back to your normal workout habit after you have been ill. Starting to train too early is likely to lead to a return of your symptoms(症状). When you do decide to go back to the sports ground, be sure to start your exercise slowly and with care. Even one week or so off your usual exercise can make a difference.

When you are tired out

There sometimes are days when you do not feel like gong to the sports ground, and sometimes your body might be telling you to take a break,It will do you a lot of good to have a day off from your fitness classes. Go home, have a healthy meal and do not teel sorry for not being at the sports ground.Remember that sometimes you just need to relax.

43. What might be the result of exercising when you are ill?

A.You will improve your immune system. 

B.B. You will catch a cold easily.

C.You will be ill for a longer time.

D.You will pay little attention to your illness.

44. While recovering from an illness, you are advised to______.

A. go to the sports ground every day 

B.start training as early as possible

C. rush back to your workout habit

D.start your exercise gradually and carefully

45.What is suggested in the passage when you do not feel like exercising?

A.Join a fitness class.

B. Have a rich meal.

C.Stay away from the sports ground.

D. Sleep for a day at home.

46. What might be the best title for the text?

A. Reasons That You Don't Feel Like Exercising

B.Times When You Should Not Exercise

C.Causes of Tiredness

D.Effects of Illness


Most teenagers in the United States try to make time for school, family and friends. But some choose bigger goals. Here are the stories of two American teens working to make a difference in the world.

At age 15, Winter Vinecki has already had more successes than most people have in their lifetime."I recently completed a marathon(马拉松)on all seven continents and became the youngest person in the world to do so. And,I was really doing this for my dad.”

Doctors discovered Winter's father had prostate cancer(前列腺癌) when she was nine years old.Her father died 10 months later.

“When he was first found ill I immediately knew I had to do something to help him. That’s when I formed Team Winter for prostate cancer research.”

Through Team Winter,Winter Vinecki has raised almost 500 ,000 dollars. She has taken prostate cancer education worldwide from Africa to Asia through foot races called marathons,on seven continents.

The other teen is Jack Andraka.He invented an inexpensive tool that can help find lung cancer,when he was 15 at the time.

“Without the Internet,I would have never been able to learn all these materials I needed for this project.”

Jack is now 17 and seeking patents (专利) for his latest inventions. He has developed low-cost water quality machines. They help take away heavy metals and chemicals from water.

47. How did Winter make a difference in the world?

A.She was the youngest to run foot races on seven continents.

B. She raised almost 500,000 dollars for her father.

C.She formed Team Winter in Africa.

D. She completed a marathon in a sports game.

48. Why did Winter run marathons around the world?

A.To bring prostate cancer education to other people.

B.To do prostate cancer research.

C.To take prostate cancer lessons.

D.To raise money for prostate cancer patients.

49. What did Jack use the Internet for?

A.Reducing the cost of the project.

B.Selling his water quality machine.

C. Searching for the needed materials.

D. Helping him patent his inventions.

50. What helps people make great achievements according to the text?

A. Family love. 

B. Young age.

C. Big goals.

D.Friend support.


提示:Henry准备去上海开会,打电话到航空公司订票,工作人员Lillian 接听了电话。

(L= Lillian; H = Henry)

L: Hello! This is Air China.    51     

H: Hello. I'd like to book a flight from Beijing to Shanghai.

L: Sure.   52    ?

H: This Saturday morning July 12.

L: OK. How many tickets?

H:   53   .

L: So, that's one ticket from Beijing to Shanghai.

H:    54   ?

L: Well, that will be 1 ,030 yuan.

H: OK. Can I book that now?

L: Certainly.

H:   55   ?

L: You' re welcome.




1.书名和作者: Anne Lindbergh所著Gft from the Sea;







Dear Peter,


Li Hua



1. C   2. B   3. B   4. B   5. A




7.[答案] B

[应试指导]本题考查情景对话。句意:- -你要再来一点米饭吗?--不了,谢谢。我吃饱了。A项和C项用来回答感谢,D项不符合语意。故本题选B。

8.[答案] D

[应试指导]本题考查冠词的用法。句意:我的叔叔生活在一个为老年人建的敬老院里。第一个空格处泛指一个敬老院,应用不定冠词a。第二个空格处表示“老年人”这一类人,应用“the +形容词”的结构。故本题选D。

9. [答案] B

[应试指导]本题考查固定句式。句意:能请你解释一下今天你为什么这么晚吗? could you please...表示委婉请求某人做某事,后面的动词应用动词原形。故本题选B。

10.[答案] A

[应试指导]本题考查定语从句。句意:《哈利.波特》是我读过的最有趣的书。先行词是book,从句中缺少宾语,引导词可用that或which。但先行词被形容词最高级修饰,引导词只能用that。 故本题选A。

11.[答案] B

[应试指导]本题考查时态。句意:Bill 不在办公室。他一个小时前去图书馆了。本句强调的是Bill去图书馆对现在的影响,即他现在不在办公室,因此要用现在完成时。他还没有从图书馆回来,所以用has gone。故本题选B。

12.[答案] C


13.[答案] A

[应试指导]本题考查动词的用法。句意:那些信昨天就放在你的桌子上了,但你根本没有读它们。本句中有but连接前后两个句子,因此前面半句是一个完整的句子,缺少谓语动词,且动作发生在昨天,动词要用过去式。letters 和put之间是被动关系,要用被动语态,所以要用were put。故本题选A。

14.[答案] B

[应试指导]本题考查固定句式。句意:直直往前走,你会看见那家店在你的右手边。祈使句+and+主语+will do表示“做某事,然后.....”。.故本题选B。

15.[答案] C

[应试指导]本题考查介词辨析。句意:经过热烈的讨论,他们最终在新车的价格上达成一致。the price for sth.意为“某物的价格”,介词用for。故本题选C。

16.[答案] B

[应试指导]本题考查比较句式。 句意:我的弟弟比他们队里的任何其他成员都要更努力,所以他拿了一等奖。句中有比较级的标志than, 因此这里应用比较级。故本题选B。

17.[答案] A


18.[答案] A


19.[答案] C


20.[答案] D

[应试指导]本题考查时态。句意:宝宝通常会在夜里醒来三次。usually 表示“经常,通常”,是一般现在时的标志,因此谓语动词用一般现在时。故本题选D。


21.[答案] B

[应试指导]固定搭配题。它以美国第一任总统George Washington的名字命名。be named for为固定短语,意为“以....命名”。故本题选B。

22.[答案] C

[应试指导]词义辨析题。他在1775年到1783年对抗英国的独立战争中领导美国的殖民地。pushed 推;followed跟随;led领导;separated分开。根据句意,本题选C。


[应试指导]词义辨析题。作为总统,他帮助新建的美国度过了它最开始艰难的年岁。passed 通过;showed展示;advised建议;helped帮助。根据句意,本题选D。

24.[答案] D

[应试指导]词义辨析题。century世纪;battles战争;thing 事情;years年。根据句意,本题选D。

25.[答案] A

[应试指导]词义辨析题。这座纪念碑是世界上最著名的地方之一。places 地方; gardens花园; ways路;stations车站。根据句意,本题选A。

26.[答案] A

[应试指导]词义辨析题。在很远的地方就能够看见它。seen 看见;realized意识到;shared分享;developed发展。根据句意,本题选A。

27.[答案] A

[应试指导]固定搭配题。他只上了七八年学。attend school 意为“上学”,故本题选A。

28.[答案] D

[应试指导]词义辨析题。在20岁时,他成了殖民军队的军官。caught 抓住;knew知道;met遇见;became变成。根据句意,本题选D。


[应试指导]词义辨析题。上一句提到华盛顿成了殖民军队的军官,本句讲他对英国统治美国殖民地的方式感动愤怒,前后有明显的对比转折,因此应用表示转折的词。however 然而,符合句意,故本题选B。therefore 因此;otherwise否则;besides除...以..外。


[应试指导]词义辨析题。本句讲他对英国统治美国殖民地的方式感到愤怒。ruled 统治; destroyed毁灭;defeated击败;attacked攻击。故本题选A。

31.[答案] A



[应试指导]词义辨析题。他的士兵们许多都没有经过训练,并且装备很差。poorly equipped装备很差,符合句意,故本题选C。

33.[答案] B

[应试指导]词义辨析题。在革命战争中的一个冬天,他的士兵几乎冻死。really 真的;almost差不多,几乎;hardly几乎不;still仍然。根据句意,本题选B。



35.[答案] C

[应试指导]词义辨析题。1789 年,他被选为第一任美国总统。be chosen as意为“被选为”,符合句意,故本题选C。


36.[答案] A


37.[答案] D

[应试指导]词义猜测题。第一段第二句讲的是团队工作有助于很好地完成工作,第三句中有however,表示本句句意出现转折。因此,句中的hinder a business's success应为“阻碍事业成功”之意。hold back意为“抑制,阻止”,符合文义。故本题选D。

38.[答案] A


39.[答案] D

[应试指导] 事实细节题。根据最后一段可知,没有激情的团队将一事无成。团队中的每个成员都必须有工作热情,如果有一个人懈怠,就会影响整个团队。故本题选D。

40.[答案] A

[应试指导] 事实细节题。根据第一段可知,一般来讲,11岁的孩子会结束他们在中学的第一年,然而Tom在8岁的时候就直接进入了大学。故本题选A。

41.[答案] C

[应试指导]词义猜测题。根据第二段可知,6岁的Tom被一家私立学校拒绝入校学习,因为他太聪明了,学校可能使他感到无趣。turn down在这里意为“拒绝" ,和refuse意思最相近。故本题选C。

42.[答案] D

[应试指导] 事实细节题。根据第三段第一、二句 可知,在进入大学之前,Tom在家中学习了两年。故本题选D

43.[答案] C


44.[答案] D


45.[答案] C


46.[答案] B

[应试指导]主旨大意题。本文首段就点明了文章主题- there are times when they should not be exercising at all,之后文章列出了三个不宜锻炼的情形。故本题选B。

47.[答案] A

[应试指导]事实细节题。根据第三段可知,Winter Vineki在七大洲各完成了一场马拉松,成为世界上达成这成就年纪最小的人,这就是她的非凡之处。故本题选A。

48.[答案] A

[应试指导]事实细节题。根据第六段可知,Winter Vinecki通过马拉松比赛,将前列腺癌的教育带到世界各地,因此她参加马拉松是为了向人们宣传有关前列腺癌的知识。故本题选A

49.[答案] C


50.[答案] C



51. What can I do for you

52. What date would you like to fly

53. Just one ticket

54. How much is it

55. Thank you


Dear Peter,

I’m writing to you to ask for a favor. Could you please help me to buy a book, Gift from the Sea, written by Anne Lindbergh? The book is very important for me. I need it to refer to when I write my term paper. I have looked for the book for many days, but I can not find it in local area. Please mail it to School of English, Beijing City University if you get it.The postcode is 100000. Besides ,please tell me how I can transfer the money to you. I will be appreciated if you can help me.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua

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