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     2019 新人教

X4U3 Sea Exploration

Assessing your progress & project

Teaching aims:

1)To complete the sentences to review some important words you’ve learnt in this unit.

2)To complete the passage to review useful structures in this unit.

3)To reflect what you’ve got from this unit.

4) To create a poster for World Oceans Day.

Teaching key points:

To learn to use words in proper situations and with the right forms.

To learn to use useful structures in proper situations and with the right forms.

Teaching difficult points:

To activate all the skills and knowledge students have learnt in this unit by having them create a poster for world oceans day.

Teaching procedures:


In this unit, we talked about sea exploration. Now let’s consolidate and check the key words related to the topic.

1.Say out the words (N) according to the pictures.

2.Say out the words (V) according to the pictures.

3. Fill in the blanks according to part of speech.

extend extension extensive

Negotiate negotiation

profession professional professor

mixture mix   mixed

coverage cover

migration migrate

exploit exploitation

murder murderer

mercy merciful

4.Match the definition with a word.

A. To clap hands to show approval, for example when they have enjoyed a play or concert.

B. A book or list of names, address, telephone numbers, facts etc. usually arranged in alphabetical order.

C. A kind or forgiving attitude towards someone that you have the power to harm.

D. A level of quality, ability, etc.

E. To officially record something.

Answers: applaud directory mercy league logged

Activity 1 

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in the box.

applaud directory   opponent    murder   log

1. After finishing his workout, he updated his fitness _____________.

2. In the final match, his_____________ will be stronger and more experienced.

3. In a classical music concert, the audience_____________ politely at the end of the performance.

4. I couldn't find your name in the telephone_____________.

5. A $5 million reward has been announced for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the _____________.


log, opponent, applauded, directory, murder

Activity 2

Complete the passage below with the proper forms of the verbs in brackets. What do you think happened to the son?

Have you ever seen a seal? It has a round belly with a thick skin _____________ (keep) itself warm. Its big eyes seem _____________ (be) those of an innocent child. When you look into its eyes, you may feel closely _____________ (connect) to it.

Actually, people in ancient times did believe seals and human beings___________ (be) the same. As legend has it, an old couple by the sea once heard a baby__________ (cry). They hurried to the water, only__________ (find) a baby seal there. They took it back home, fed it, and raised it as their son. Gradually, the baby seal grew up, ___________ (look) just like a human being. The old couple allowed him ___________ (go) anywhere except near the sea. The son loved his parents so much that he promised ___________ (not swim).

What do you think happened to the son?

The son had changed into a seal and discovered that he was much happier living in the sea. Sadly, he tried to go back and visit his parents, but he discovered that he could not become a human again.


uWhat interesting things about science fiction did you learn in this unit?

uWhat new vocabulary and structures did you learn in this unit? How well can you use them?

uDo you think comparing and contrasting, and listening for discourse markers were useful strategies for you to understand the texts?

uWhat problems did you have with this unit? How did you solve them?

uOverall, I thought this unit was ◎inspiring  ◎useful ◎SO-SO  ◎difficult


Create a poster for World Oceans Day.

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day takes place on 8 June every year.

It is now celebrated in over 100 countries with hundreds of special events broadcast across the globe. The day is marked in a variety of ways, including the launching of new campaigns and initiatives, and holding special events, all working to advance ocean conservation and education.Young people are an important part of the project. World Oceans Day provides them with a platform where they can express their concerns and share their ideas.Each year, World Oceans Day has a theme for the campaigns and events on that day. For example, in 2016 and 2017 the themes were “Healthy oceans, healthy planet” and “Our oceans, our future”,respectively.

1. Pick a theme you want the day to be about.

Surf the Internet for stories about the sea to inspire you. You can pick a serious issue, or you can focus on a theme to show people how amazing the sea is.

overfishing      wonders of the sea       tourism   

biodiversity     pollution          beautiful beaches     

coral reefs       deep-sea exploration

2. Research your theme.

Find out as much about your theme as you can. Use the Internet and your school library.

3. Come up with a short slogan for your theme.

Choose a short, catchy title. You can also think of ways to promote your theme on social media.

4. Brainstorm ideas for the design of your poster

and what to include.

What do you want it to look like?

What design would be most effective?

What information do you want to include?

What images do you want to use?

5. Create an event that will take place on the day.

ØBeach/river cleanup activity

ØZoo/aquarium (水族馆) tour

ØArt/photography competition 

ØA play about the sea

ØFilm festival

ØPresentations by sea scientists

ØSustainable seafood lunch

ØInterviews with scientists, explorers, etc.


6.Put everything together to complete your poster.

Then give a short presentation to the class.


the wonders of the sea

This year for World Oceans Day, we'd like to focus on the wonders of the sea.Did you know that the ocean has almost 230,000 animal species in it? And these are just the species that we know about. And there maybe 2 million ocean animals that we don't even know about yet. Of these species, 1,349 are threatened or endangered. Obviously, to help protect our oceans ' wildlife and diversity, we need to get the word out.That's why, this year, we are having a Sister Species programme.This is like a Sister City programme, where cities from around the world are paired up with each other, so that they can learn more about the world. Except in this case, people choose different animal species and pair up with them.They will then do research on that species, and spend the next year keeping track of any news regarding that species and telling others about their wonderful sister species.To help kick this off, we will meet this Tuesday, June 8, at the city aquarium at10a.m.to see some presentations by wildlife experts. Then you will be free to roam around the aquarium to find a species you would like to pair up with. Bring your notebook, sketchpad, camera, and of course, a friend. See you there!


Read the two poems on

Page 80-81 of Workbook.

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